‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Boston Rob Gets Immunity Idol – Ben Driebergen’s Loose Lips Cause Trouble

Survivor has Boston Rob Mariano declaring war after finding out Amber Mariano was voted off her tribe. So, it looks like Rob goes on a revenge spree after finding out the news. But, Amber may send him an immunity idol – unless he finds one. Next week’s previews hint he’s got one. In other news, Ben Driebergen may be in trouble for letting information slip.

Survivor: Winners at War – Rob Mariano Reacts To Wife’s Booting

Going into Survivor‘s winner-packed Season 40, married couple Rob Mariano and wife Amber Mariano were big targets. And getting split into separate tribes didn’t lessen the pressure. Well, at least for Amber it didn’t. Boston Rob was sitting comfortably going into the first tribal council of the season. Meanwhile, Amber’s first time at tribal of Winners at War may be her last.

She’s now on Extinction Island with Natalie Anderson. But, she can still help her husband’s Survivor game and possibly her own progress. Because castaways can return from EoE. Yet, until then, Rob Mariano’s going on a revenge mission after finding out Amber was sent out. According to Survivor spoilers, one of the tribemates goes all-out after finding out the other tribe sent their ally over to Edge of Extinction. Clearly, it’s Rob.

Boston Rob Finds Immunity Idol?

In the preview for this week’s episode It’s Like A Survivor Economy, Rob Mariano may get his hands on an immunity idol. “It’s more complex this season than it’s ever been in the history of this game,” he says. In the video, he unwraps something similar-looking to what Sandra Dia-Twine got from Natalie in exchange for a fire token. It could be a note from Amber Mariano with an immunity idol.

They can help each other by trading their advantages and tokens. And there’s still the possibility of Amber getting back in the game. “This is war,” Rob Mariano says. No doubt reacting to Amber’s tribal eviction. That’s fitting because the season’s called Survivor: Winners at War for a reason. And Rob Mariano knows how to fight. Plus, he’s got a fire token from Amber already.

Survivor Spoilers: Ben Driebergen Cannot Keep His Mouth Shut

Ben Driebergen found himself in a sticky situation when he let some information slip to Boston Rob. This was Ben Driebergen’s first mistake of the episode. Then, Ben Driebergen got interrogated and told the other man that Danni Boatwright was throwing his name out. But Rob Mariano didn’t leave it at that. Ben Driebergeb confronted Danni who admitted to doing what Boston Rob accusing her of doing on Survivor.

The confusing interaction ended with a tentative alliance. Yet, Ben Driebergen’s loose lips might cost him in the next episode. The summary says, “another Survivor castaway must dig themselves out after letting information slip”. Could it be Ben Driebergen slipping up again? Watch Winners at War Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS to find out what happens to Ben and Rob Mariano’s last moves.

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