‘Survivor’: Malcolm Freberg and Kara Kay Weigh in on the Final Five ‘Edge of Extinction’ Players

Survivor alums Malcolm Freberg and Kara Kay discuss the final 5 castaways resumes in a new Youtube video. Fans know Malcolm from Philippines, Caramoan, and Game Changers (Seasons 25, 26 and 34) while Kara was featured on David vs. Goliath (Season 37)The two list all of the accomplishments of the current players, ranging from big moves to behind-the-scenes puppet masters. And they also get into who could return from Edge of Extinction and still become the Sole Survivor.

Survivor: Edge of Extinction – Malcolm Freberg & Kara Kay Rooting For Rick Devens

Both Kara Kay and Malcolm Freberg are all about Rick Devens, but do they think he can be the Sole Survivor? They don’t want to get their hopes up, yet the two former Survivor castaways are secretly rooting for Devens to come out on top. While listing his impressively long resume, which includes three idols and some crazy Tribal Councils, the two are practically drooling over him.

Even though Kara and Malcolm seem to be on team Rick Devens, they are afraid of getting disappointed in the end. Plus, there are plenty of other deserving players still in the game.

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Gavin Whitson & Victoria Baamonde Skate Under the Radar

Sometimes it’s better to play a quieter game and keep things on the down low. Which is exactly how Victoria Baamonde and Gavin Whitson have decided to play on this season of Survivor. Malcolm and Kara discuss the benefits of this type of strategy and how little the targets on their backs currently are. But still, the two have pretty good reasons to be named this season’s Sole Survivor.

Victoria was instrumental in getting out returnee Aubrey Bracco by earning her trust and then quickly getting her voted out. And while Gavin has floated between alliances, he has won two individual immunity challenges. He also took out Eric Hafemann adding that impressive feat to his resume.

Julie Rosenberg Plays All Sides

Unlike Gavin Whitson and Victoria Baamonde, Julie Rosenberg has been very vocal on Survivor: Edge of Extinction. Malcolm Freberg points out that she actually switched alliances in the middle of a Tribal Council in front of everyone. Which makes her super baller in our books.

But her big mouth might also cost her everything if she somehow pisses off the jury. Not to mention the big target on her back that is just slightly smaller than Devens’. Good thing the girl still has her Kama pride to fall back on.

Lauren O’Connell is the Survivor Underdog

When asked who they think will win it all and be named the Sole Survivor, Kara Kay and fellow Survivor Malcolm Freberg agreed on Lauren O’Connell. Malcolm called Lauren the “underdog” of the seasons and pointed out that she still has a hidden immunity idol under her belt.

Their hope is that she uses the idol as leverage in some elaborate move that earns her a spot in the final 3. At least we know that she has a definite vote from her bestie Kelley Wentworth.

Survivor: Edge of Extinction Returnee and Chances of Winning

There are 11 castaways in total that are currently waiting on Extinction Island. They will have one last chance to return to the game. But Malcolm and Kara immediately disregard the 6 that have been there longest due to lack of resume. While anyone could return, only the newer inhabitants on the island would be able to say they have pulled off any strong moves. It seems like both Survivor alumni are rooting for either Ron Clark or Kelley Wentworth. But we will have to wait until tonight to see who comes back and who wins it all!

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