‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Sole Survivor Crowned During ‘Most Unpredictable Survivor Finale’ Ever

Survivor spoilers tease the winner of Edge of Extinction and a million dollars. But first, there is one last shot for a voted off castaway to get back in the game. With five players still in it and a returning player from Extinction, this finale will packed with content.

Survivor Spoilers: Edge of Extinction Dwellers Last Chance

The Survivor finale previews revealed one last chance for one of the castaways on Extinction island. Each exiled player will compete for the final opportunity to get back and have a go at the million dollar grand prize. Currently, Reem Daly, Chris Underwood, Aubrey Bracco, Joe Anglim, Eric Hafemann, Julia Carter, Kelley Wentworth, Dan “Wardog” Dasilva, Ron Clark and Aurora McCreary remain on the deserted island.

Previous Survivor spoilers hinted towards Chris being a returnee. It was based on an Instagram post he made while back at home wearing a Vata Tribe buff.

The Most Unpredictable Finale Yet

Survivor producers are claiming the finale is going to be the most unpredictable ever. After all, they were right about the “craziest Tribal Council yet,” that ended with Juila Carter being booted off. But it is quite possible that some of the quieter castaways like Victoria Baamonde or Gavin Whitson could rise to the occasion.

Maybe Lauren O’Connell will reignite the spark fans saw in her during the early days in the season. Julie Rosenberg might bring some of that Kama pride into the finale and earn herself a spot at the winners table. Or could this all just be leading up to a Rick Devens victory?

Survivor Spoilers: Could Rick Devens Find Yet Another Idol?

It’s obvious to anyone watching Survivor: Edge of Extinction that Rick Devens has dethroned Kelley Wentworth as the idol queen. He has found an impressive number of three hidden immunity idols in this one season. And his idols have been the only things saving him from getting voted off the island. But Lauren O’Connell is also sitting on an idol going into the first Tribal of the finale. Tune in Wednesday at 8 to see who takes home the million dollars on CBS.

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