Survivor: Spoilers: Wardog Forms New Alpha Alliance – Other Castaways Rally Against Them

Survivor: Edge of Extinction spoilers reveals Wardog is creating a powerful trio from the remaining castaways. Rick Devens and Ron Clark are the other two members of this new supergroup. With them, Wardog hopes to make it to final three. Meanwhile, after Kelley Wentworth’s blindside, the other castaways are joining together to oppose the new alliance.

Survivor Spoilers: Wardog Orchestrates Kelley Wentworth Epic Blindside

Dan “Wardog” DaSilva had been working with Wentworth and ally Lauren O’Connell since before the final merge. Their alliance formed in their first tribe, Manu and continued into Lesu. But Wardog never seemed to be completely on the same side as the women. Multiple times he discussed the possibility of getting rid of Wentworth to Lauren and vice versa.

So, when he conspired against the blonde veteran after the first of two Survivor Tribal Councils last week, fans were not shocked. Although Wentworth and Lauren were taken by surprise. So much so that the former did not think to play her hidden immunity idol. Which was, ultimately, the cause of her demise. Now, she’s on Edge of Extinction with the other voted-out castaways.

Wardog Joins Forces With Rick Devens and Clever Ron Clark

Being one of the largest threats in the Survivor game right now, Wardog knows he has to get some help. In this week’s episode, “Fasten Your Seat Belt”, the schemer teams up with Rick and Ron, who are notable players right now. Since Rick lost his partner David Wright last week, he is also in need of a couple of alliance members. And Ron needs a solid group now that numbers are dwindling down.

Obviously, Wardog is going to take the mantle and try to lead the group. But his overbearing personality could prove to be too much for the other men. Rick could act as his right-hand man with the brains and ability to win challenges. Ron might just be another number with a swayable vote.

Survivor Spoilers: Remaining Numbers Ban Together

The only way to take out one of the three men is if the rest of the Survivor 38 castaways link up to vote them out. From the preview for the latest episode, you can see that the others, Julie Rosenberg especially, are not big on this new group of dudes working together.

Castaways redraw lines in the sand by the minute it seems. The next out could be from either side on Edge of Extinction. See for yourself when the next episode airs Wednesday on CBS.

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