‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Rick Devens on the Outs – Loved Ones Visit

Survivor spoilers reveal Rick Devens struggles at the bottom. Te remaining 7 castaways will get to see some familiar faces as this week when their loved ones visit. Will seeing their family fan the flames of competition, or tear them apart?

Survivor spoilers show Rick Devens is all alone and has become a huge target for the rest of the group. With Wardog gone, he has to reassess his strategy if he wants to survive another Tribal Council.

Survivor Spoilers: Loved Ones Visit This Week

The family visit is when the castaways still in the game get to see their family members. It could be in-person, through a video chat or even a recorded video message. In the past, Survivor players had to compete in a reward challenge to get to spend time with their loved ones. So, it is likely this year could be very similar.

Other times, the family member would compete in a challenge in place of the Survivor castaway or with them. The winners would receive any number of things from time alone with them, to immunity.

The main difference this Survivor season is the players banished to the Edge of Extinction. Technically, they are still in the game. Will they get to see their loved ones?

Aurora McCreary Has Won Individual Challenges Several Times

Aurora McCreary and Rick Devens are tied with the most individual challenge wins of Survivor: Edge of Extinction. Both of them have proven themselves to be skillful when competing by themselves, but they are also the two biggest targets right now.

Nevertheless, if the loved ones visit is something a castaway has to win, Aurora and Rick are strong contenders. But the reward could fall into any of the remaining 7 Survivor players’ hands.

Survivor Spoilers: Rick Devens Becomes Enemy Number One

With Dan “Wardog” Dasilva and David Wright on Edge of Extinction island, Rick Devens is all alone in the Survivor game. In the preview for this week’s episode, “Awkward,” even Ron Clark is unknowingly against him. He tricks Rick and gives him an extra vote that is expired. Plus, the rest of the Vata Tribe go through Rick’s things while he is away from camp, but he catches them. Will this be his last Tribal? Find out Wednesday on CBS.

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