‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Castaway Comes Back From ‘Edge of Extinction’

Survivor spoilers reveal that one of the six castaways voted off will return next episode and re-join the game. In a preview for Wednesday’s show, There’s Always a Twist, host Jeff Probst welcomed back the Edge of Extinction dwellers and revealed the twist. It was safe to say the remaining players were shocked to see the familiar faces they thought were gone from the game. Which of the six will come back for another shot at a million dollars?

Survivor Spoilers: Keith Sowell, Reem Daly, and Wendy Diaz Are a Long Shot

These three are the most likely not to win their way back into Survivor, spoilers hint. Keith Sowell and Reem Daly have been on the Edge the longest. So, they are the weakest, having been roughing it the longest. Neither are particularly good at competitions. Plus, Keith admits he’s not good at puzzles. But if the comeback comp isn’t water based, he might be okay.

Wendy Diaz could theoretically win a competition to get back into Survivor. But there rumors circling on Reddit that she quits sometime while still on the Edge of Extinction. And remember, Keith holds the power to penalize another castaway during the return challenge.

Rick Devens Could Come Out on Top From Survivor: Edge of Extinction

Morning news anchor Rick Devens falls somewhere in the middle of this group of Survivor castaways. He has not shown any great ability to win comps as he was originally part of the ever-losing Manu Tribe. Eventually, the Lesu Tribe voted him out after the merge.

Rick has a decent social game and proved he could develop a strategy when talking with his tribe. He was the fourth member of Survivor’s Edge of Extinction after Lauren O’Connell, Kelley Wentworth, and Dan “Wardog” DaSilva banded together to get rid of him. Mostly because of their perceived idea that he could ingratiate himself post-merge. Now, he holds an advantage that lets him anonymously send a vote at the next Tribal Council.

Survivor Spoilers: Chris Underwood Making a Comeback?

It was a shock when the Manu Tribe turned on Chris Underwood and eliminated one of their best physical assets in a true Survivor blindside. Since they were not winning competitions, the group decided to get rid of threats and directed their attention at Chris. Once on the Edge, Chris won Reem Daly’s and Keith Sowell’s trust by catching fish.

Then, Chris won an advantage for the upcoming Survivor reentry challenge that let him practice. He was given some pine and planks that relate to the challenge. If Chris wins and returns to the game, he could be sent right back out of the game. Because, the returnee does not appear to get an individual immunity for the week.

Survivor: Aubrey Bracco’s Mistake

Survivor veteran Aubrey Bracco did not use her immunity idol or extra vote during a Tribal Council which might have cost her the game. Her tribe conspired against her and sent the first of the four veteran players packing. Aubrey’s only chance to redeem herself is coming up quickly and she is going into it without any advantages. Can Aubrey bring herself back from this possible game-ending mistake?

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