‘Survivor’: 5 Reasons Kelley Wentworth Could Win ‘Edge of Extinction’

Survivor returnee Kelley Wentworth has proven herself to be a formidable player. Her experience in two previous seasons Survivor: San Juan del Sur and Survivor: Cambodia gives her an upper hand heading into this new season. Even host Jeff Probst thinks she has what it takes to win. Here are five reasons Kelley could become the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

1. Kelley Wentworth Is A Versatile ‘Survivor’ Player

With two seasons already under her belt, Kelley Wentworth has shown fans she can play multiple ways. In San Juan del Sur Kelley was one of the quieter and reserved of the castaways. She only made it to Day 13 because her tribe considered her a bigger threat than her father Dale. Kelley was not really remembered for her time on that season.

During her stint on Survivor: Cambodia Kelley became a more aggressive player. Instead of sitting around and keeping quiet, she started making brilliant game moves. Her new style of gameplay was what took her Day 38 and the Final Four.

2. Her Strategic Game Play Makes Kelley Wentworth Dangerous

Kelley Wentworth’s second season of Survivor proved that she was someone to watch out for. Her game changed from quiet to aggressive to contend with a highly strategic season. While Kelley was able to manipulate other castaways to do the dirty work she also managed to fly under the radar with majority alliance competing with each other.

But her biggest move would have to be when she played her Hidden Immunity Idol. Kelley’s game would have been over if she did not use it. Because of this, Andrew Savage got kicked off the island in this shocking blindside.

3. She Is The Idol Queen

One of Kelley Wentworth’s biggest legacies was finding two idols in one season. She did this in Survivor: Cambodia where she was dubbed the ‘Idol Queen’ by the fans. She was the first contestant to find an idol during a challenge and then bury it, so no one would know she had it.

This idol went on to save her and cancel out a record nine votes. She later found another idol that she used during another Tribal Council where Jeremy Collins played his, as well. Another castaway ended up getting eliminated.

4. She Is Great At Challenges

Kelley Wentworth is great at challenges. While only spending 13 days on the island during Survivor: San Juan del Sur Kelley managed to win 6 challenges. She is physically fit and is relentlessness to overcome obstacles.

In Survivor: Cambodia she won a total of 11 challenges and proved herself once again to be a physical and mental threat. If she can continue this streak into her third Survivor season, there is no way she will not make it to the end.

5. Host Jeff Probst Picks Kelley Wentworth To Win

In an interview before filming for season 38 began, host Jeff Probst was asked to name who he thought would win. Jeff picked Kelley Wentworth with the reasoning that she “has it all.” Not only does she have great physical skills, but Jeff also went on to say that she also possesses awesome social skills and she is a very capable liar.

He even admitted that if he were playing she is who he would want to align with. Survivor: Edge of Extinction premieres this Wednesday at 8 on CBS!

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