‘Survivor’: Meet The Castaways Competing on Edge of Extinction

Survivor news unveils the sixteen castaways about to be marooned on an island to compete for a million dollars. Jeff Probst is back to host season 38, otherwise known as Survivor: Edge of Extinction. This year’s tribes are called Manu and Kama. And four returnees will be back for a chance at redemption. Without further ado, let’s meet the castaways.

Survivor: Meet The Manu Men

The Manu tribe is made up of nine castaways, five men and four women. First is Dan “The Wardog” Silva. Dan is former military and currently a lawyer. The thirty-eight-year-old claims to have a sex appeal that other men his age do not possess. He is also adaptable and can be a leader or a follower if he has to be.

Keith Sowell is only nineteen-years-old and is a pre-med student in Durham, South Carolina. When asked which previous Survivor contestant he would compare himself to, he chose Jeremy Collins. According to Keith, they share the same family values and do not compromise their beliefs.

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Breaking news! Morning news anchor Rick Devens is stepping foot onto the island. Rick is a family man who has dreamed of being on Survivor since he was in high school. With his background as an Eagle Scout, it will provide him with the necessary skills to thrive on a secluded island.

Chris Underwood climbed the work-place ladder in only a year. He went from being a barista to his dream job as a district sales manager to a power company. With a passion for surfing, Chris will find himself at home on the Fiji island. Other castaways better watch out during any water-based competitions!

The Women of the Manu Tribe

Next, is blue-haired small-business owner Wendy Diaz. Wendy describes herself as idiosyncratic, fun-loving and spontaneous. As a stickler for fairness, Wendy has no time for people who are not gonna carry their weight. She is passionate about the outdoors and thinks it will give her an upper hand on the island.

Reem Daly is checking competing on Survivor off of her bucket list. The forty-six-year-old supposedly has an amazing social game, which will help her win it all. According to Reem, no one is to be trusted and “actions speak louder than words!”

Currently a student at Baylor University in Texas, Lauren O’Connell has a competitive streak. Lauren describes herself as gritty and resilient. In conclusion, she is going on the show to test her individual capacity to rise to the challenge of the game.

Returnees Kelly Wentworth and David Wright Join Manu

The four returnees are being split up and placed equally in both tribes. Either third time’s the charm for Kelly Wentworth or three strikes and she is out. Kelly is looking for nothing less than coming away from Edge of Extinction with a million dollars in her back pocket. Will she succeed? Or will she be unable to rise to the challenge once more.?

Philadelphia native David Wright is back again after his stint on Millennials vs. Gen-X. He lasted an impressive thirty-eight days out of thirty-nine. He describes himself as OCD, nervous and paranoid which will make for some excellent TV if it is anything like his previous season. With winning on the brain, David is going to try hard to outwit, outplay and outlast!

Survivor: The Men In Kama

Ron Clark is a self-proclaimed “mean girl.” He is a teacher at his own school named after himself. While he is no stranger to television and competed on the game show The Price is Right. His main strategy is to use his southern charm to convince the other castaways that he is someone to keep.

Hottie Eric Hafemann is a firefighter and father living in California. His inspiration is his oldest son named Levi who has autism. The love he has for his son pushes him to be the best dad he can possibly be. His quest for adventure brought him to Survivor and might be what ultimately helps him win it.

With hopes of being a fan-favorite, twenty-three-year-old Gavin Whitson has the drive to win. Gavin is willing to work hard to keep his place in his group and has plenty of experience in the outdoors. Also, Gavin just so happens to be a superfan.

Meet The Kamu Women

Julie Rosenburg is into escape rooms and psychological thrillers. She seems to like using her brain to solve puzzles and games. In addition, Julie describes herself as extremely neurotic. Pushing herself to her physical and mental limits is the reason she wanted to be on Survivor. That, and to make her children proud.

Athletic, direct and ruthless, thirty-two-year-old Aurora McCreary has no time for anyone who plays the victim card. Because of that, she wants to wage psychological warfare on her fellow castaways and manipulate her way to the end. Aurora knows what she wants and is not afraid to play dirty to get it. Are we looking at this season’s villain?

Julia Carter has been watching Survivor since she was a little girl. She idolizes Jeremy for being a well-rounded player in every aspect of the game. Inspiration comes from crushing student loans that Julia wants to pay off. Her proudest accomplishment is being the first in her family to graduate college.

Working as a waitress in the Bronx, Victoria Baamonde believes she has what it takes to win the game. She is super smart and graduated college with a 4.0 GPA. Also, Victoria describes herself as a hustler. Because she is willing to lie and backstab for a shot at that million dollar prize.

Veterans Joe Anglim and Aubry Bracco Join Kama

Joe Anglim has plenty of Survivor experience from his time on Worlds Apart and Second Chance. He hopes to use this experience and his failed attempts to construct a new strategy. And his motto this season is, “play smarter, not harder”. In the past, Joe has proven to be hard-working and adaptable.

The other returnee back for more is Aubry Bracco. Aubry previously competed of seasons Kaôh Rōng and Game Changers. The scrappy thirty-two-year-old is not going to quit until she becomes the next Sole Survivor. In other words, she is in it to win it and might be persistent enough to pull it off.

Survivor: Edge of Extinction premieres February 20 on CBS at 8. Tune in to see the latest twist where eliminated contestants will get the opportunity to wait it out on an even more desolate island. Eventually, there could be a chance for them to get back in the game.

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