‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Can Fan-Favorite Christian Hubicki Outlast the Merge?

Survivor spoilers reveal Christian Hubicki, a fan favorite, might have a growing target on his back come Wednesday nights merge. Christian is the nerdy robot specialist on the David tribe. He has made alliances quickly with his teammates. But has he grown too confident?

Survivor 37: Christian Hubicki Already building strong alliances

Christian has been described as “the heart of the David tribe”. He has a well-known alliance with Nick Wilson called the Mason-Dixon line as well as a nerd romance Alliance with Gabby Pascuzzi. Both Nick and Gabby feel strong in their alliance with him. Both hope their alliances will continue as the two tribes began to merge into one.

Christian has been the deciding factor and many votes on the David tribe. He currently holds power, charisma and smarts.

Will Christian Build Ties With Goliath As Well? – Survivor

When two tribes merge it’s not only about trust within the alliance but a strong social game as well. Recently Goliath member Alec Merlino came to Christian Hubicki offering an alliance to him saying quote no one will see it coming. A sneak preview for tonight’s episode showed Alec and Christian speaking of their Alliance. Later showed Alec saying quote David and Goliath is over. 

The word around Camp is that although Christian is friendly, he is playing it fast and loose with alliances. Survivor fans have seen this pattern before and other players. And the end result is never good.

Survivor Spoilers: Christian Hubicki’s Many Alliances May Come Back to Bite Him

Spoilers tell us that Survivor contestant Angelina is the one trying to mastermind Christian’s departure. Angela is confident in her decision to get rid of him. She believes he holds the power for the David side and taking him down would be the best choice going into the merge. The merge is an exciting time for Survivor players. The merge can also be a sign of dark things to come. Thirteen people come together in this episode. How will it all play out?

One of the milestones of being on Survivor is making the merge.
To make the merge means that the players have reached a point of cutthroat strategy. These decisions will affect everything. Will Christian stay true to the alliances that he has made? Will he start to form new alliances just to save his own skin?

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