‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Castaway Collapses at Challenge – Medevac Emergency?

Survivor spoilers reveal that one castaway collapses during this week’s challenge. In the preview for the episode, I’m the Puppet Master, someone faints or is injured as the competition begins. Social media hints point to returnee David Wright going down. It could be that a castaway needs a Medevac bailout. Here’s what to expect this week on the CBS show.

Survivor Spoilers: Castaway Collapse Coming

In the teaser trailer for Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode eight, someone goes down during a challenge and does not get back up. The castaways will play hard in a “Keep on Your Toes” endurance challenge battling for individual immunity. This challenge requires players to stand slightly on their toes while balancing a wooden block on their heads. And the last one standing wins.

“You’re shaking seconds into this challenge,” host Jeff Probst tells an unseen castaway. Then, the scene goes dark for a minute and the rest of the castaways start panicking. Jeff runs toward the mystery person calling, “Medic!”

Survivor Vet David Wright May Be Injured Party

While the collapsed castaway is confirmed Wednesday night, some signs point to David Wright. Before the Survivor season started, chatter began on social media that veteran competitor David would be medevaced off the island on Day 22.

Him resuming social media activities at a specific date during filming was what spurred fan speculation that he was no longer on the island after that point of the game.

So, this week’s episode hits the 22-day mark and this may play out this week. In promo pics for the episode, Victoria Baamonde is seen looking to her right. The castaways on that side of her are David, Kelley, Eric, Julia, and Gavin. So, it could be David.

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Lauren O’Connell Another Option for Injured Party

Although Lauren O’Connell is not standing to the right of Victoria, it could still be her that faints. Lauren has been skipping food. And many times, she said she felts sick throughout this season of Survivor. An endurance challenge like this one might cause Lauren to take the tumble or collapse.

Standing in the blistering sun while suffering fatigue and hunger could Lauren over the edge. Literally. Not to mention, each castaway has to stand on their toes and balance a block of wood on the tops of their heads. That’s not an easy task under even the best of conditions.

Survivor Spoilers: Medevac Mishap This Week?

Not every season has a castaway get a medical evacuation off the island, but it seems to happen often. The episode preview says one player’s game, “takes a critical turn”. After Jeff Probst calls for medical, Dr Joe kneels next to the fallen castaway and repeatedly asks if they can hear him.

This could mean that the person is unconscious or not responding. Find out which castaway falls out at the comp and what happens afterwards when the next episode airs this Wednesday.

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