‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Wendy Diaz Gets Booted or Gets Last Minute Save?

Survivor spoilers hint that Wendy Diaz is may get booted soon. Sources reveal that Wendy is on the outs with her tribe this week. She is currently suffering from a foot injury that makes her a liability.

The Manu Tribe wins live chickens in a rewards competition, however there is friction when Wendy Diaz doesn’t wants anyone to eat the chickens.  It’s revealed she later steals the tribe’s flint to stop one of the chickens from getting roasted. The same source reveals that in days to come Wendy sets the chickens free. It’s unknown if Wendy goes home this week or in a future tribal council.

However, as easy of a target she might be, it appears that Chris and Kelly Wentworth will be the main targets.  Kelly discovers that Chris has been floating her name as a possible target. This divides the tribe and it will probably come down to a vote between Chris and Kelly.

Survivor Spoilers: Manu Tribe Has Yet To Win Immunity

In the past two Survivor episodes, Manu Tribe has failed to win either immunity challenge. They had to vote out two of their tribemates, Keith Sowell and Reem Daly. But the Kama have risen to the occasion and are dominating the competition led by unofficial leader Joe. Could they win yet another week of immunity?

Having gotten rid of two of their supposed weakest members, Manu Tribe might pose a bigger threat to the opposing tribe. Survivor spoilers tease that with the likes of Kelley Wentworth on their side, they will win a reward challenge this week, but not immunity.

Wendy Diaz Injures Her Foot

Wendy Diaz appears to injure herself in the upcoming episode of Survivor. In still photos, Wendy is sitting on the ground resting her foot on her bag. Not only that, but there is also a huge purple bruise spreading across it and her ankle is swollen. It looks really painful!

It is unclear whether she hurts her ankle during a challenge or if it just happens while she is roughing it on the island. Either way, this might put her in a dangerous position moving forward, especially if her tribe does not win immunity. Her injury could put her at the bottom of the Survivor totem pole. If she doesn’t go home this week, she will be an easy target on the next Survivor.

Survivor: Wendy Diaz

Will Wendy Diaz Quit?

Survivor spoilers and leaks have been circulating around even before the Survivor season started about Wendy Diaz quitting. Sources report that she either chooses to go home and forgo Extinction Island or gets to the Edge and then quits. People are speculating it is because of her injury. As it appears it will either be Chris or Kelly this week, we can expect to see Wendy go within the next couple of episodes.

Initially, Survivor spoilers said that she was medivacked off the Fiji Island but those were later debunked. Yet, the intensity of the game just might be too much for Wendy in the long run. Choosing to go home could seem like a better option for her.

Wendy Diaz Still Gunning For Kelley Wentworth

While attempting to take the target off of her own back, Wendy Diaz placed it on returnee Kelley Wentworth. She almost convinced Dan “The Wardog” DaSilva and David Wright of her plan to get rid of Kelley sooner rather than later. But Kelley found this out and led the Manu Tribe on an Idol hunt in order to prevent Wendy from getting immunity. Luckily for Wentworth, her alliance member Lauren O’Connell found it.

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