‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Veteran David Wright In Danger Of Getting Booted?

Survivor spoilers hint toward the possibility of returnee David Wright getting booted in the near future. There has been a lot of speculation and rumors from sources about how far David makes it in the game. One source claims David had to be medically evacuated off of the island. While another says David Wright might be voted off before the merge, possibly due to the threat posed by Kelley Wentworth and Dan “Wardog” DaSilva.

Survivor Spoilers: David Wright Rumors

In a previous Survivor season, Millennials VS Gen X, David overcame his paranoid and anxious nature. He quickly became a threat afterward. The target on his back is even bigger this season because he is a returnee. Fans have started circulating unconfirmed rumors. The biggest is that David Wright could be eliminated pre-merge. While others have said that he makes it all the way to the end.

Kelley Wentworth and Wardog (Dan DaSilva) Team Up?

Dan DaSilva (Wardog), Kelley Wentworth, and David Wright are all in the Lesu Tribe. With two veteran Survivor players in one tribe, the chances of their tribemates turning on them are high. So, Wentworth might be plotting to throw David under the bus to keep the attention off of herself for now.

Also in Lesu are Lauren O’Connell and Rick Devens. Lauren is Wentworth’s number one and will probably vote whichever way Kelley does. Plus, she currently holds a Survivor immunity idol that she could use if need be. All Wentworth needs to do is convince either Wardog or Devens to do the same and they can get rid of David Wright if they go to Tribal Council.

But Wardog has other plans. In the preview for this Wednesday’s Survivor episode, he and Wentworth are talking game on the beach. And Wardog brings up the idea of voting out Lauren in a blindside. Little does he know that Kelley thinks he is a whack-a-doodle.

Survivor Returners Should Watch Their Backs

Obviously, coming on the show again puts a huge target on a Survivor returnee. Multiple times this season castaways have talked about taking out each veteran. Other castaways have thrown out Aubrey Bracco and David Wright’s names. Several Tribal Councils have taken place and Kelley Wentworth’s name has been written down in each of them.

The only veteran who has not been under fire is Joe Anglim. His chill personality and ability to complete challenges have kept him in his tribe’s good graces. He remains too big of an asset to try and send home just yet. Who do you think will be next to travel to the Edge?

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