‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Chris Underwood Could Eventually Come Back From ‘Edge of Extinction’

Survivor super fans think Chris Underwood will be a returnee from the Edge of Extinction sometime in the next few weeks. Chris lost out to Rick Devens during the first challenge to re-enter the game, but clues point to him coming back in.

Fans were shocked when the Manu Tribe eliminated Chris last week. Originally, Wendy Diaz and Kelley Wentworth seemed to be the two the tribe was debating on. But Chris was sent home in a true blindside even though he is one of – if not the – best in Manu.

Survivor spoilers: Episode 4 Preview Shows Chris Underwood on The Edge and Tribe Swap

In the promotion for the fourth episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, it revealed someone has to face people they blindsided on the Edge. There are three castaways currently just getting by on the almost deserted island: Keith Powell, Reem Daly, and Chris Underwood. The Manu Tribe booted Chris last week making him the latest resident. He now resides on the Edge along with Keith and Reem.

According to Survivor spoilers in the next episode, “I Need a Dance Partner,” the castaways drop their buffs and have a tribe swap. Castaways can be uprooted, placed in opposite tribes, or even a new one. Lesu, NuManu, and, NuKama are the three new tribe names.

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Red Buff For Merger Seen With Chris Underwood In Photo

There will be three Survivor: Edge of Extinction tribes as of episode 4 called Lesu, NuKama and NuManu. And the buff colors for each are orange, blue, and yellow. Chris Underwood posted a photo to his Instagram story that showed him wearing a red tribal buff AFTER his return home. None of the current tribes have red buffs.

Sources reveal that the buffs for the merge will be red. This caused Survivor fans to believe that he came back after the merge. However, it’s been revealed that Chris almost won the challenge to renter the game. He was edged out by Rick Devens who will re-enter the game.

It looks like there will be another challenge allowing Chris to come back into the game and win the red buff he’s been spotted wearing since Survivor ended.

There are not a confirmed number of chances Survivor castaways get to return to the game. But there could be many. So, we could very well be seeing Chris coming back from the the Edge of Extinction.

Survivor: Chris Underwood

Chris Underwood Is Best Competitor On Survivor: Edge of Extinction?

Chris Underwood was eliminated, confusing some Survivor fans. Probably because he was one of its best competitors. It seemed like the wrong choice to get rid of one of their strongest players. Especially, after consistently losing challenges. His only competition to get back on the main island are Reem Daly and Keith Sowell so far. Which gives him a pretty good shot at beating them in any physical competition.

He has also been on the Edge for the shortest amount of time which means he might be stronger than the others both mentally and physically. He has not been starving and exhausted for as long as the others. Who do you think will get back in the game?

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