‘sMothered’ Sandra Over Steps at Mariah’s 21st Birthday in Vegas – Recap

On sMothered Sandra McCovy hits an all time low while celebrating with daughter Mariah McCovy in Vegas. Botched lip injections and oily lap dances are just part of the mess. Which left Mariah upset and her drunk mom taking an Uber home alone. Dawn Hubsher plans a trip to NYC to butt into all Cher Hubsher Gopman‘s baby business. Sunhe pays a surprise visit to Angelica’s boyfriend Jason behind her back. Finally Cristina Bertolli and Kathy Crispino play matchmaker for Carly Crispino. Let’s check it out.

sMothered Recap: After a Botched Birthday Sandra McCovy is Leaving Las Vegas Alone

This sMothered recap finds hard partying mom Sandra McCovy taking daughter (and fellow party girl) Mariah McCovy and friends out for the night in Vegas. The occasion? Mariah is turning 21. Sandra’s friend Jen is along for the party too. Mariah’s friends find it a little creepy that Sandra is tagging along for the party. What they don’t know is Sandra is the party. And has planned to take them to a “Black Magic” show that features male strippers.

Mariah McCovy says she would’ve rather go to just a regular club on sMothered. This isn’t really her thing. As the oiled up strippers grind on random women, Mariah says she doesn’t want any lap dances, and she definitely doesn’t want to go on stage. She says she looks like a duck as a result of mom springing for lip injections just hours before. Mariah’s are seriously over inflated. Sandra whispers something to the waitress. Hence, the trouble begins.

On sMothered Sandra asked that Mariah be called up on the stage. Exactly what she told her mom she did not want. The dancers surround her and place a crown on her head. A tipsy Sandra oohs and takes video. Mariah McCovy is appalled and her friends think it’s gross. Later Mariah tells her mom that she ruined her 21st birthday. And doesn’t want to talk to her as Jen, Sandra’s friend, consoles her. But she takes an Uber back home by herself. Where her ex and Mariah’s dad Adrian McCovy rips her a new one.

Sunhe Pays A Visit To Jason, Angelica’s Boyfriend, behind Her Back

Sunhe and her fiance Brett go out with Angelica and Jason for Valentine’s day on sMothered. Jason gives Angelica a cruise as a gift. Sunhe immediately kills the buzz. She starts getting on Jason about the fact he’s still married. And that his ex-girlfriends clothes still hang in his closet. Sunhe is certainly angry that he asked Angelica to move in with him. Brett suggests that Sunhe back off a little. And that if they moved in together she could move to Omaha with him. Win win right?

On sMothered Angelica actually suggests she not go. Girl! You had a chance here to get rid of your meddling, overbearing take my leftover bath water mom and you screwed it up! Later Sunhe goes to Jason’s unannounced. He looks terrified and clutches his small dog for protection. Sunhe asks to see the ex’s stuff. To which Jason says he’s not comfortable. Of course! She later tells Angelica she thinks she’s making a mistake. And Angelica is in tears.  So, what will she decide.

sMothered Recap: Cristina and Kathy Play Matchmaker for Daughter Carly

On sMothered Cristina Bertolli and mom Kathy Crispino throw a party. It’s Cristina’s hubby Carlo Bertolli’s 35th birthday. But Carlos is overshadowed by the crazy duo’s other agenda: find a mate for the other daughter Carly Crispino. Cristina explains that her mother meddled in her dating business. And her mother before that. And it worked. So naturally they will meddle in Carly’s. So they invite a string of eligible Italian guys to the party. Carly is till upstairs stewing about it.

Kathy starts questioning the single men. And lays out her rules. Such as no vacations without her till marriage. Huh? They find one guy they like because he doesn’t look like a “greasy Italian”. Carly finally joins the fun, figuring if you can’t beat em join em. She actually clicks with the non greasy dude. Carlo’s cuts his cake and drinks beer with his Uncle Joe. The only one of his family who likes Kathy and Cristina.

Dawn Hubsher Wants To Approve Cher’s Doctor on TLC’s sMothered

Cher Gopman and husband Dr. Jared Gopman prepare to return to their home in New York City. So, they grab lunch with her mom Dawn. They revealed to their families that they were pregnant. But Cher went against her husband’s wishes and told her mom first. We see the scene again. And have to hear the squeaky voiced Dawn ask “are you really pregnant” while glasses shatter for a vicinity of 10 miles. Dawn wants to be a part of every minute of her daughter Cher’s pregnancy.

On Smothered Dawn is sure she will even feel the pain and labor of Cher’s experience. She demands to meet the doctor so she can approve. Cher tells her they have already decided on one. This doesn’t stop Dawn. She’s already plotting how to knock Jared out-of-the-way so she can be in the delivery room. Jared seems like a nice guy. But Dawn is coming to stay. Let’s hope he grows a pair and tells her to stay in her lane! Till next week! sMothered is on TLC Sunday nights at 10.

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