‘sMothered’ Cher Hubsher Pregnant – When Is She Due?

sMothered star Cher Hubsher is pregnant – as will be revealed on the TLC show. Her husband, Dr Jared Gopman, has to deal with her pregnancy and her mom’s constant presence. So, when is she due and will her mom Dawn Hubsher be in the delivery room? We’ve got the answers from the real-life drama of the latest TLC reality star.

sMothered Update: Is Cher Hubsher Pregnant?

As of the time of this writing, TLC cast member Cher Hubsher Gopman is still pregnant. Her hubby, Jared Gopman, shared some pics of her on his Instagram. She’s got her big baby bump on full display as they promote the debut of sMothered which starts Sunday June 9 at 10 pm. Jared is a plastic surgery resident, so he’s got medical knowledge to prepare him for wife Cher giving birth.

sMothered: Cher Hubsher - Jared Gopman - Pregnant

According to their baby registry, Cher Hubsher’s due date is July 5, 2019 and she’ll give birth in Tampa, Florida. A possible revised due date for the sMothered baby, indicates Cher and Jared Gopman are 29 days away from meeting their newborn son or daughter on July 9, 2019. But since babies never show up on schedule, there’s really no telling when baby Hubsher-Gopman will appear. However, we do have other info.

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Coming this summer to a stroller near you!

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Cher Hubsher and Husband Jared Gopman Take Babymoon Before Child Born

The last week of May, sMothered cast members Cher Hubsher and also Jared Gopman stole away from her mother Dawn Hubsher for an intimate babymoon. They traveled to Cape May, New Jersey and did some baby-centric arts and crafts while enjoying time alone before the birth of their child. They decorated a B with yellow and pink and purple stripes, so that didn’t reveal the gender.

A social media friend asked Jared Gopman if the “B” stands for baby boy. But he teased out a reply of “you’ll just have to wait and find out!” Many are wondering if her mother, Dawn, knew the gender of the baby before the father.

This season on sMothered, we’ll see Cher Hubsher find out she’s pregnant and rush to tell her mama Dawn Hubsher. Because, of course, her mom had to top the list of the one to find out first about the baby.

sMothered Delivery Room to be Crowded With Family

Will Dawn be in the delivery room? It’s expected for the husband to be there, so now doubt Jared will be with his wife Cher during childbirth. And since he’s a doctor, he should have no issues being in the room. And, to be fair, many mothers are there when their daughters go through childbirth – at least the first time. The big question is whether sMothered cameras might be in the birthing room taping for TLC.

There seems little doubt smother Dawn Hubsher will be there for her grandchild’s birth – but will she let son-in-law Jared Gopman enjoy his moment as proud papa? Or will the mother-daughter bond his wife and mother-in-law share take center stage. Stay tuned for sMothered updates and we will let you know once Cher Hubsher gives birth, what’s the gender of Cher Husher’s baby, and what Cher Hubsher named her baby.

Check TLC tonight for the debut and stop back here for more sMothered spoilers and news.