‘sMothered’: Sunhe and Angelica Clean Up Bath Water Editing Trickery – TLC Insulting Asian Culture?

sMothered on TLC might have left part of Sunhe and Angelica‘s much-talked-about mother-daughter scene on the editing room floor. Jaws dropped across the nation’s living room as this mother and daughter shared the same bath water. But it seems sMothered might have left out the rest of this ritual.

The latest reality to spin out of TLC is sMothered, a show dedicated to mothers and their daughters who are extremely close. For many people, these ladies are too close, but it all depends on the way you look at it. Or maybe it depends upon the way TLC edits the show – and begs the question of whether producers were disrespecting the mom’s Korean heritage and culture.

sMothered from TLC: Sunhe and Angelica – More to the Story Than Meets the Eye?

Mom Sunhe feels sharing the bathwater with her daughter Angelica denotes trust. The sMothered promos and previews reeled in potential viewers with mother-daughter duos in scenes of closeness. To do this with Sunhe and Angelica, they showed the two declaring how they share the bathwater.

The clip shows the mom getting out of the tub and the daughter climbing right into the same water. Viewers shared negative reactions on social media. They questioned why get in someone else’s dirty water. The controversy swirled online as more and more people caught this act.

What the audience didn’t see or hear on the sMothered show was what these women did before the bath. It’s a ritual in Japan, Korea and other Asian countries to shower and cleanse first and then soak. In Japan, for instance, communal family bathing is common. But people get in the tub already clean – not to get clean. Apparently, this is part of Sunhe and Angelica’s ritual and described it in a recent interview.

Mother-Daughter Grime Gone – The Bath Just a Ritual

So this sMothered mom and very close daughter duo didn’t do much more than share water like you would in a hot tub. They weren’t washing off the day’s grime – they already did that in a shower. And TLC’s edited made it seem creepy. They specified in the interview how it works. They cleanse in the shower. Then the tub is for “dipping to refresh and get hydrated” and “for relaxation”. They are not soaking in each other’s dirty water. So, is the network disrespecting Sunhe’s Korean culture with this misleading cut?

No doubt, they were relying on it generating a negative reaction from viewers unfamiliar with the tradition, as Sunhe specified was normal in Korea. On the plus side, during the interview, Angelica and Sunhe were asked about the backlash from viewers. The mother-daughter sMothered duo explains how they’re fine with it. Angelica pipes up to say any publicity is good publicity and they welcome the comments. So despite the misleading edit by TLC, the mom and daughter seem to be pleased overall with the show.

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