‘sMothered’ Offers Ghetto Mermaids and Bath Water Secrets – ‘Equally Obsessed’ Recap

sMothered premiered Sunday night on TLC. As if Sunday nights aren’t enough to deal with. The new TLC show, sMothered, features extreme mother daughter bonds. Sunhe and Angelica share bath water. Sandra McCovy and daughter Mariah McCovy prepare for Vegas. And Cher Hubsher keeps a big secret from her mother, Dawn Hubsher. Let’s crawl into the cringe that was TLC’s hot mess Season 1 Episode 1 “Equally Obsessed”.

sMothered Recap: Cher Hubsher Keeps a Secret From Mom Dawn Hubsher

Cher Hubsher Gopman FaceTimes with mom-clone Dawn Hubsher on sMothered. The two scream with delight as both are “accidentally” wearing the same shirt. Cher and husband Dr Jared Gopman live in NYC where he is doing a residency in plastic surgery. Cher is a nurse and part-time actress/model. The sMothered couple is packing to travel to Florida to visit family and are keeping a huge secret. Cher is seven weeks pregnant. Jared asked Cher to keep quiet to her mom till they can tell everybody.

Of course, sMothered daughter Cher is not happy about it. She tells her mom, Dawn, everything. A montage plays of them throughout their lives. They dress alike, look-alike and think the same thoughts. It’s like a really small cult with these two. Dawn reminds producers several times that they “ah like sistahs”. No wait. Like twins. As Jared and Cher are on the way to Florida, he asks her again to not spoil the surprise. But brainwashed Cher Hubsher has other plans.

Cher Hubsher and husband Jared Gopman arrive to the Florida mansion where Cher was raised. Cher and mom prep dinner while everyone else plays tennis. While chopping celery Cher says she has a gift for Dawn. It’s a mug that says “Only the best moms get promoted to Mimi”. And a little copy of an ultrasound. This sMothered recap finds mama Dawn squealing like she sucked a tank of helium after her kid hands her a peed-on pregnancy test. Dawn kisses the pee laced stick.

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Cher says this is her and her mom’s special moment. Not Jared’s. You know… the father. This is the type of craziness that will make sMothered a huge hit for TLC.

Angelica Has a Tough Choice To Make – Sunhe Won’t Like It

sMothered certainly brings the cringe. Especially when Sunhe and daughter Angelica admit to sharing bath water. This seems like the most uncomfortable scene of the premiere. Mariah: “Hold my beer”. Those sheer dresses in front of dad? More on that later. Angelica paints her moms toenails. And breaks it to her mother that she is going on a date with boyfriend Jason. Sunhe usually tags along. But Angelica says it will be just them today.

Angelica and Jason tell sMothered viewers that they have dated for 2 years. Sunhe complains that when Angelica leaves the house without her, it makes her physically sick. She gets the sweats and anxiety. Lady, what kind of psycho BS are you putting your kid through? And hello she is 31 years old! Sunhe goes as far as to suggest she doesn’t need a man. Unless there was a man version of her daughter Angelica. Then she would marry her. She then admits she has a long distance fiance in Nebraska. And likes it that way.

On sMothered Jason takes Angelica to race go-carts. After he asks if Angelica would consider moving in with him. He paints a scenario of them enjoying an evening in a Jacuzzi on the porch. Angelica asks if mom could be there too. Wah-wah. Poor Jason. They head home to tell her mom, Sunhe. Angelica breaks the news. Sunhe suggests there are other things they need to fix. Such as the fact that Jason is still married. Calgon, take me away.

Sandra McCovy & Mariah McCovy Take Vegas – sMothered

Mariah McCovy is turning twenty on sMothered. Mom Sandra McCovy enters her room talking baby talk and jumping all over her. Mariah admits mom Sandra is obsessed with her. But that she’s equally obsessed with her. Hence the duo even had their boobs done together, and they go to the gynecologist together. Because as Mariah puts it – if her lady parts are gross then it’s a reflection on her mom. What? Hope nobody tried to snack during this show.

On sMothered Sandra has another daughter named Chanel. She doesn’t obsess over Chanel. Chanel thinks her sister and mom are a little crazy. Certainly she’s being kind. As these two are over the top cuckoo. Sandra’s ex-husband and Mariah’s father is the comedian Adrian McCovy. Funny thing is… the divorced comic dad still lives with them. As Sandra and Mariah try on clothes for Vegas, Mariah chooses sheer dresses and thongs. Their nipples are exposed, so they saunter in to show Adrian. He says they look like ghetto mermaids. Which again, is way too kind.

The family that puts the “D” in dysfunction heads to dinner to celebrate Mariah’s 21st birthday. Luckily there are no exposed nips so everyone is able to eat. Adrian still isn’t happy about the Vegas trip and the vibe Sandra gives off to Mariah. She’s supposed to be a mom not a wing woman. So, Sandra McCovy has set up some sort of “Black Magic” show. Adrian walks off for a bit but returns to wish Mariah McCovy happy birthday. Finally sane daughter Chanel reminds them he’s just being a dad.

TLC barely touched on Kathy and Cristina, so hopefully viewers will see more of them next week.

Till next week!

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