‘sMothered’ Meet Sandra and Mariah McCovy – Baby Talk From BFF Mom on TLC Tonight

sMothered will debut Sunday on TLC and you’ll meet Mariah McCovy and Sandra McCovy, a mother and child that just can’t get enough of each other. The new reality show features moms and daughters with unusually close bonds. Sandra is 45 and considers 21-year-old daughter Mariah her mini-me.

Sandra McCovy likes to barge in on her grown daughter and talks to her like she’s a baby as she plasters her with kisses. The two share a special connection. Sandra claims Mariah is sassy. Just like her. And we mean just like her… Here’s what to expect tonight.

sMothered Mariah McCovy Does Everything With Sandra McCovy

Mariah says she knew she was special at a young age. Mom Sandra took her on fancy vacations that other kids didn’t experience. Sandra is divorced, so her children are her life. So, they traveled to places like the Bahamas and Hawaii.

Mariah thinks that people would like to be like her and her mom. Hence, they have a strong bond and hang out together. Mariah calls her mom for everything. This is another sMothered pair where there’s more than one sibling, but perhaps only one smotheree.

sMothered – Mom-Daughter BFF Go Clubbing

Mariah and mother get ready for the club on the premiere episode. They dress sexy and take selfies. Of course, they admit they get some haters from things they post on the internet. But, she looks at it as just taking a different angle. She says you don’t have to hate your mom. Sandra takes Mariah for lip injections on her 21 birthday. The duo certainly enjoys dressing up and looking good.

Sandra admits that as soon as she discovered she was having a little girl that’s all she cared about. She just wanted to hold Mariah nonstop after she was born. She admits that she does indeed smother her. But thinks that Mariah will understand when she herself becomes a mother some day. She seems to love the special attention that mom lavishes on her as we see tonight on the TLC debut of sMothered.

Mariah’s Dad is Comedian Adrian “Adee” McCovy

If Sandra’s ex-husband looks familiar, it’s because he’s legendary comedian Adrian McCovy. Mariah’s father, Adrian, doesn’t seem to get the closeness between his ex-wife and his daughter. But you can be he’ll add his own special brand of humor to the show.

Watch Tonight on TLC to See More Sandra and Mariah

Of course, there are some uncomfortable moments on sMothered. Some may find the extreme closeness a little creepy. And certainly it calls into question if it’s difficult for their offspring to have other healthy relationships. You’ll see when you see Mariah and her mama this week.

Expect to feel more of the same as TLC shows mothers and their daughters sharing bath time, play time, bedtime, and overall a lot of TMI. Will this strange familial lovefest be your next Sunday night guilty pleasure? The new show debuts on TLC Sunday at 10 pm after 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After.

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