‘sMothered’ Recap: Sunhe Has Doubts About Angelica’s Boyfriend Jason (Just Because He’s Married)

sMothered is a new TLC show about strange mother daughter relationships, and certainly the cringe is real. Bully mom Sunhe isn’t about to let Angelica move in with boyfriend Jason. Dawn Hubsher barely keeps the secret of daughter Cher Hubsher Gopman‘s pregnancy through a family dinner. Christina Bertolli and mom Kathy Crispino plot to fix up normal daughter and sister Carly Crispino behind her back. And Sandra McCovy mother of the year (not) gives Mariah McCovy lip injections for her birthday. Let’s check out “Am I Invited”.

Sunhe Calls Out Jason on sMothered

On sMothered, Angelica’s boyfriend Jason asked Angelica to move in with him. Of course Sunhe’s reaction was colder than their day old bathwater. She points out that he’s still married. And that his ex still has clothes in his closet. Jason is clearly scared of Sunhe. He says he’s just trying to be nice. That the ex moved in with her parents and doesn’t have much space. Sunhe asks if she too can move in. Jason tells her no. Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned . Game on.

Sunhe actually has a fiance named Brett and he arrives to visit on sMothered. Brett and Sunhe will go out to a Valentine’s day double date dinner with Jason and Angelica.

Brett seems like a nice enough guy. He even dared to suggest that Sunhe not bring up  trouble at the dinner. But Sunhe is having none of it. Of course there is no room for common sense in her narcissistic world. She even uses the sMothered occasion to buy matching rings for her and Angelica. And a Valentine for her that says from the one who loves you the most.

On sMothered Sunhe certainly is a master manipulator. Jason surprises Angelica with a five-day cruise. Sunhe calls him out. She says this is a distraction. And moreover tells producers she’d like to punch him in the throat. Angelica admits she’d like a life of her own. Sadly, it doesn’t look good. Sunhe is bully and victim all at once. Run Brett run.

Christina Bertolli & Kathy Crispino Play Matchmaker

This week on sMothered, we meet Christina Bertolli  and Kathy Crispino. The pair lives five houses away from each other in Chicago. Kathy has another daughter, Carly. But that relationship is of just that. So, Kathy obsesses over Christina. The two eat most meals together. They love rhinestones, rock bands and big hair. They consult each other on what to wear. Kathy is married to Carlito Bertolli. He owns a pizza shop. So, of course he works a lot. Christina admits she probably sees her mom more than her husband.

Carlito, who they call Carlo has a birthday coming up. They decide to plan a party which of course has an ulterior motive. Kathy would like to get her sMothered daughter Carly married off. So, they want to invite some single Italian men. Christina tells Carlo about the party and he doesn’t want one. He just wants to go out. But Kathy pushes on with the party. Finally, he tells them not to invite his family, because “nobody likes you guys.

On sMothered the party goes on as planned at Kathy’s house where Carly also lives. The mother and daughter duo make snacks, and Carly asks who is coming. They laugh. Of course they tell her some single guys are coming. So, Carly gets angry and storms to her room closing the door. Kathy says she’s being a baby. Poor Carly.

Dawn Hubsher & Cher Hubsher Keep A Secret on sMothered

Dawn Hubsher is made for sMothered and reality TV. She lives a luxurious life in her Florida mansion and gushes in her helium voice over Cher, her daughter. She spends her days shopping for matching clothes. Then the two go to a seamstress who alters them. The two turn and spin about how cute they are. And now the married Cher is preggo. Cher and hubby Dr Jared Gopman will announce the pregnancy tonight at a large family dinner. Of course, Cher has already told Dawn.

On sMothered  Hubsher Gopman warns that her mom must keep the secret until the announcement. Certainly, Dawn promises she will. But she’s worried, because she thinks the baby will change the dynamic between her and Cher. Ugh.

It’s finally time for dinner and the dining room is the size of a football field. The decor of the Florida home is like a medieval castle. Finally the pregnancy is announced! Everyone toasts and cheers. Dawn played it off pretty good. Of course till everyone sees sMothered on TLC.

Sandra McCovy Gives Daughter Mariah McCovy Surprise Lip Injections For Her 21st Birthday

Last week on sMothered, we saw way more of mother Sandra McCovy and young Mariah McCovy than we needed to see. Now that viewers corneas have healed, they are back with more nonsense. The mother and daughter are headed to Vegas. Mariah is now 21. Mariah’s mom’s friend tags along because nothing is more fun that your parent’s friends going to Vegas with you. In a show of mercy, Mariah’s lady parts are blurred as they ride in a car (Thank you TLC). Sandra has a surprise. They are making a pit stop for lip injections… because she’s the best mom in the world!

Her sane friend in the back seat tells her this is a bad idea. Sandra, who definitely doesn’t have all her lights on, disagrees. So, the doctor comes in with some sort of weird glossy page-boy hair. Sandra goes first. Then, he injects Mariah’s already ample lips while cooing about a beee-a -uuuutifull result. Eww. Mariah is alarmed and numb and looks like a very tall Muppet. The trio head to the strip for some fun. This is getting good. Till next time!

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