‘Sister Wives’: New Season 15 Premiere Draws Near – Only Weeks Away?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his co-wives appear to tie up loose ends and level the playing field as the new Season 15 looms. TLC remains mum on all details, including confirming whether or not a new season even exists. But who needs a TLC announcement when the Sister Wives ladies do just fine with shutouts to viewers.

So, fear not, a couple of Kody Brown’s women and a few of his adult children confirm they filmed a Season 15 for the Sister Wives series. Even the Sister Wives camera crew got creative and found a way to film with social distancing in place. Now the next question pops up… when will it air?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Pops Up – First Hint

It seems Kody Brown and the four women he married took a few things into their own hands as the new season nears. To do so, Kody needed to surface.

Sister Wives followers don’t get to see much of Kody Brown these days. So when he recently emerged he surprised the viewers.

It looks like Kody Brown took to hiding since the last season ended. But to set the record straight, he needed to emerge in a photo with one of his brides.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown

Meri Brown In Pic – Second Hint

Kody surprised the fans even more with who he appeared in that photo with after months away from the cameras. That’s Meri Brown, the original matriarch of the Sister Wives clan.

Without Meri, this wouldn’t be much of a reality show for the Sister Wives fan base they collected through the years. So, after months of chatter suggesting Meri Brown left her shared husband, it seems the time arrived to stop this.

Meri declared “I love this man” while standing next to him in a photo. She also said she’s staying with Kody and the family.

So, it looks as if the family’s head honcho and his first wife needed to reassure fans and downplay the latest buzz. Ahead of the new season premiere, they let everyone know that Meri is still on board the SS Sister Wives. It would seem as if they needed to squash the chatter for good to entice Meri’s fans to return.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Family

Sister Wives: New Season Confirmed

While the TLC network remains mum on Sister Wives Season 15, a couple of spouses confirmed it’s on its way. Kody and his Sister Wives ladies appear to tie up loose ends ahead of their new season premiere. A couple of the ladies, as well as a few of the adult children, validated the filming of the new season.

Looking Back, TLC always seems to play their hand the same way over the last few years. It starts with one of the family members casually announcing the renewal of the series. Then others follow and it usually occurs while they chat with viewers. But as the audience waits for TLC to offer the official word in the past, the promo and start date suddenly pop up.

But when can fans expect this? While earlier seasons of Sister Wives rolled out at any time of year, they now seem to settle into a pattern. The last several started in January with the promo not surfacing until just weeks before the start date.

So,  it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the new promo pops up soon. If that is the case, then Sister Wives Season 15 may just roll out in January as they did in the recent past.

Of course, the TLC crew didn’t have the obstacles presented by the pandemic until this year. So, this may change things a bit. But reports indicate the Brown family filmed with crew-less cameras placed around their homes for a portion of the new season.

With that being the case, then a roll-out for January still looks feasible. But as with anything else with Kody Brown and his Sister Wives series… only time will tell.

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