‘Sister Wives’: 5 Facts About Kody Brown You Might Not Know

Sister Wives’ star Kody Brown is best known for his four wives and eighteen children. However, there’s a lot more to Kody Brown than meets the eye. Fans followed his family since their TLC series debuted over a decade ago opening us all up to how a modern-day polygamous family lives. Yet fans remain intrigued by what he, his spouses, and children will do next. Heres a few tidbits you may not know about Sister Wives husband Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: TLC’s Kody Brown Was A Salesman When TLC Show First Debuted

When Sister Wives first debuted in 2010, the then unknown Kody Brown was newly wed to his fourth wife Robyn Brown. All five spouses worked when the show first started. Kody’s job was said to be online sales and advertising. Although, he was not very clear about how he earned a living. Fans often wondered how he was able to keep his supersized family afloat financially.

It seems he had a lot of help from his wives. These days, it looks like the patriarch of the Sister Wives clan’s main gig is managing his wives’ successful business endeavors — and keeping the reality TV checks rolling in.

Kody Brown And Wives Faced Bigamy Charges In Utah

Prior to the sudden move to Las Vegas, and just as the first season of Sister Wives was filming, Kody Brown and his family lived in Lehi, Utah. In 2011, the Browns fled the Mormon-centric state of Utah after they were charged with bigamy.

The investigation began just prior to the Brown’s big middle of the night move to Vegas. The charges against Kody and his wives were since dropped. However, Kody Brown is hell-bent on suing the state of Utah for their laws that infringe their Sister Wives plural way of life.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and First Wife Meri Brown Filed Bankruptcy

In 2005, Kody Brown only had three wives. Meri Brown was his first and legal wife. So, when the family hit hard times, Meri and Kody Brown filed bankruptcy. At the time of their filing, Kody and Meri claimed to only have $15 to their names. However, the Sister Wives couple carried debt totaling over $200,000 including nearly $40,000 in credit card debt.

Then, Kody and Meri Brown closed their case in 2007. However, the court ordered them to repay the entire $200,000. Certainly not an easy task. Recall at that time, Kody was a sales rep and Meri worked for a small company that engraved trophies and plaques. It seems that wasn’t enough to support the entire Sister Wives brood.

Kody Spends More Time With His Sons Than Daughters

Sister Wives’ father Kody Brown has 11 daughters and 7 sons. However, just like he seems to play favorites when it comes to his wives, his children may feel the same way about the time he spends with them. Granted, he’s a busy man between his wives and kids. But, when Kody finds downtime, he seems to prefer spending one on one time with his sons, not daughters.

This is not too farfetched to believe.Since their religious beliefs tend to gear raising daughters to run a household so they spend more time with their mothers. That leaves Kody free to spend his free time doing guy things with his boys. This may trigger tension between he and his daughters as seen on Sister Wives. His daughters seem awkward in his presence.

Sister Wives: None Of Kody’s Children Plan To Practice Plural Marriage

Three of Kody Brown’s children are married and two are engaged. However not one of the Sister Wives‘ children plan to be polygamous. Although they all support their parents’ lifestyle, all feel monogamy is the way to go. The first of the Brown kids to openly admit polygamy wasn’t for her was Kody and Meri’s daughter Mariah Brown. Recently, Mariah come out as a lesbian.

Aspyn Brown Thompson was the next child to renounce polygamy. She said that prior to marrying Mitch Thompson. Because, both of them were raised in polygamous families, many think Aspyn will eventually accept plural marriage and have sister wives just like her mother Christine Brown.

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