‘Sister Wives’: New Picture Suggests Christine Brown is Building on Coyote Pass

Sister Wives star Christine Brown recently shared a picture that has fans of her family’s hot TLC reality show all abuzz. The photograph is of the mom of six wearing one of her new LuLaRoe dresses. However, the dress is not what is getting the most chatter.

What stands out is where the photo is taken and what appears to be in the background. Here’s what we can deduce from this latest picture from Kody Brown’s third wife.

Sister Wives Update: Christine Brown’s New House Under Construction?

Sister Wives Christine Brown is finally back home in Flagstaff Arizona. She spent a few days over the weekend in northern Utah dealing with a family emergency. However, it looks like she’s returned and showing off her new LuLaRoe offerings in advance of her online sales event that night. However, the dress didn’t catch as much chatter as what the view in the background did. From the looks of this picture, it appears that Christine is tipping fans off to update on the Browns property at Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives fans recognize this view of this mountain. So, speculation immediately starts swirling that one or more of the wives have started construction on their lots at Coyote Pass. Of course, the timeframe adds up. After all, it’s just about two years since they bought the parcels. Additionally, it’s been just short of a year since all four of the Las Vegas houses have sold. So, is this Christine”s unintentional way of updating us all that in fact they have started building their future homes?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Coyote Pass Under Construction Or For Sale?

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown has visions of real estate mogul dancing in his head. In the last episode that aired he learned that Flagstaff was a town in desperate need of rental properties. Additionally, the lots he and the Sister Wives purchased in 2018 have increased in value over 25% and are now collectively worth over one million dollars. So, if he was to build homes on the land, the family can easily stand to make several millions of dollars. Perhaps a build-out and cash-out are in the works? Recent events in neighboring Utah regarding polygamy laws could be a factor in how the Browns proceed.

Although all the Browns have settled into their new town fairly well, they are still not all living close by. Plus, Flagstaff has proven not to be the warm welcoming town for their lifestyle Kody had envisioned. However, Christine’s picture from her Facebook sales group sure makes a solid argument they are indeed building homes on their little piece of heaven as they call it.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Wives Finally Decide Who Lives In The Trees

Last week on Sister Wives the spouses were at each other’s throats over who will live on which lot. Of course, their shared husband Kody Brown fueled the fire. In fact, he had some choice words about his first wife that he blurted out to the other three. However, the wives rallied behind each other. Seems there’s a newfound unity in the ranks. That also infuriates Kody since they outnumber him.

Additionally,  it appears construction has started at the four parcels. So clearly its been decided which wife will live in the more isolated lot in the trees. But since the show is airing events that happened over a year ago it won’t be until next season—if there is the next season— that we learn if Meri Brown or Robyn Brown will have a “treehouse” as their new home.

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