‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Explains Scar on Aspyn’s Head

Sister Wives star Christine Brown was overloaded with questions about her daughter Aspyn Brown Thompson, after Sunday’s episode. Either that, or she felt an odd need to share some information with her Sister Wives followers.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Offers News About Aspyn Brown Thompson

Christine Brown gave an update on Aspyn Brown Thompson, her daughter, after the Sister Wives episode ended Sunday night. She only said one sentence, which contained very little details.

But first of all, fans were thrilled to see Christine spending time with Aspyn Brown. Christine said she needed to see her daughter’s new house so she took the trip to Utah to visit Aspyn and her husband Mitch Thompson.

The “fun” wife, as Kody Brown refers to Christine Brown, went to see the young couple’s new home in Lehi, Utah. If this location sounds familiar, it’s the city the Sister Wives lived in at one time.

Sister Wives: Aspyn Brown Thompson

Christine tells the Sister Wives camera how this makes her jealous. She loves Utah but it isn’t safe for the family there.

She’s also jealous because Aspyn has family around her. It seems Mitch’s family, as well as one of Aspyn’s many grandmothers, live around them too in Lehi.

So, Christine Brown is jealous? She lives in Flagstaff with her shared husband, three co-wives and a slew of kids still home. She then said she wished she could be closer in location to the Sister Wives older kids, who moved away from home.

Afternoon Filled With Hummus and Sarcasm?

While visiting her daughter they made Christine’s famous hummus and shared a few laughs in the kitchen. Christine Brown sometimes takes things a bit too far when it comes to conjuring up a laugh.

She told Aspyn how she handled her Sister Wives spouses when Kody wanted to build one big home for all of them to live together. She delivered that news with a bit of sarcasm aimed at her Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: What About Aspyn Brown’s Scar?

It seems as if Christine enjoyed her time at Aspyn’s house. Some of the Sister Wives enthusiasts asked a few questions about how Aspyn and Mitch were doing.

A few others wondered if they still belonged to the same church and possibly considering a plural marriage. Those questions went unanswered. But Christine Brown did share a quick blurb about Aspyn’s head. More precisely, it was about a scar she has on her head.

It seems out of the blue Christine divulged that -“Aspyn had a scar on her head from a workplace injury”.

Looking at Aspyn during the last episode from Sister Wives, her face and head looked flawless. But maybe someone spotted something as the scenes played out.

It seems Aspyn Brown Thompson’s scar took a backseat to Christine Brown’s famous hummus. Fans’ comments suggested they were looking for the recipe she promised. The visiting mom kept her promise and posted it online for the fans.

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