‘Sister Wives’: Mykelti Padron Hit with New Baby Jealousy at Home

Sister Wives celeb Mykelti Brown Padron is six months pregnant with her first child and already she faces a spark of jealousy at home. It looks like at only six months pregnant this new-mom-to-be realizes one nose is out of joint around the house.

It seems the prospect of Mykelti Brown Padron sharing her affections with a newborn in the future leaves one Sister Wives family member a bit worried.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron Baby Three Months Away

While right about now the Sister Wives fans may think it’s Tony Padron she’s talking about. It might sound like it’s her hubby who worries about his wife splitting her attention between him and their baby. But that’s not the case.

No, Mykelti Brown Padron pointed out that it’s non-other than Spader, her dog. She also informs her fans that this pup is extremely smart. He knows something is going on, she said. It seems she believes he actually senses the big event.

This bay is due in three months. That’s when Mykelti brings the third Sister Wives grandchild into the world. A new generation began with Mykelti’s half-sister Maddie Brown Brush. She gave birth to the family’s first two grandchildren.

So, while the Sister Wives grandparents watch the grandchildren grow in number, it seems another family member feels the effect as well. This includes Mykelti’s furry family member Spader. So, how does the Sister Wives’ new mom-to-be know her pup is feeling anxious over the baby’s arrival?

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron

Pup Rattled Over Up and Coming Event

Mykelti Brown believes Spader knows he’s not her only baby anymore. While he seems a bit at odds with the future change in their family, Mykelti believes it will all be good in the end.

With a new baby sister in the house, this fun-loving daughter from the Sister Wives series thinks they’ll all settle in together just fine. Stories of dogs feeling a bit left out when a new baby arrives are plentiful. But Spader seems to have a head start in this department.

This expectant mom’s latest selfie, seen above, seems to indicate Spader keeps a watchful eye over his mom. So maybe he’s picked up on a new Sister Wives family member arriving soon.

It’s possible that Tony Padron, the proud papa-to-be, makes a big deal out of his wife’s baby bump. Maybe Tony and his wife even talk to the baby. This could leave a smart dog with the impression someone is in there.

So maybe Spader reacts much like a dog does each day around the time they expect their owner home from work. They keep their eye on the door for their owner’s arrival.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron

Sister Wives: She Did Say Spader Is a Smart Dog

While there’s no door to watch in this case, maybe Spader fixates on Mykelti’s baby bump waiting for the arrival. The Sister Wives expectant mom didn’t go into too much detail as to why she believes Spader is in tune with a baby on the way.

But, Mykelti Brown thinks he’s one anxious pup and possibly a bit jealous as well knowing that he will soon need to share Mykelti with someone new. So, if Mykelti is six months pregnant, she’s only got three more months to go. The young Sister Wives couple picked out the name Avalon Marie for their daughter.

It seems the name of the first car she owned was a Toyota Avalon. So, the couple borrowed the name from Toyota for the baby’s first name. Then the baby’s middle name, Marie, also comes with a back story.

The name Marie works because it honors Tony’s mom, who’s name is similar, Maria. Mykelti settled on the name Marie for a girl when she herself was still a young Sister Wives kid.

Mykelti Brown picked out the name Marie for her first daughter. But then she got her first car and Marie was bumped back apparently. Oh well, this soon-to-be new mom never fails to capture the viewers’ interest and it looks like she’s done it once again with her jealous pup.

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