‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Takes Risks to Avoid Rubbing Spouses Wrong Way

Sister Wives star Kody Brown works through a dilemma with all four wives today, according to his adult daughter and her spouse. During a recent interview, fans of the TLC reality series asked the adult child of the Sister Wives patriarch a question. They wanted to know what Kody is doing during the pandemic when safety means you stay in one place.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Left Without Options

Well, from what Mykelti Brown Padron and her husband Tony Padron said during a recent interview, Kody Brown is between a rock and a hard place. Instead of staying put at one of Mykelti’s four Sister Wives moms’ homes, he’s going from one house to another.

Tony described how dangerous this is if his father-in-law is not careful. He did this by comparing Kody to a big spoon in a mixing bowl. Tony said that Kody travels from wife to wife. As the Sister Wives son-in-law said this, he also gave a demonstration.

Using his hands to make a big sweeping mix like you would while circling a spoon in a bowl, Tony talked of the dangers. If he by chance his father-in-law contracted the virus then he’d mix it throughout the family, he said. But the other option of staying in one place wasn’t really an option for Kody Brown.

Tony and Mykelti said if Kody stayed at one wife’s house and just faced-timed the others, it wouldn’t turn out good. They said it would probably result in a negative outcome for the Sister Wives husband of 18.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron - Tony Padron

Odd Observation

Mykelti shook her head in agreeance with what her husband was saying. She added a few words in here and there to validate her husband’s take on the Sister Wives pandemic woes.

Then they talked about Robyn Brown and how she handles this isolation at home. Mykelti said she didn’t talk with Robyn but she talked to the kids and they find it hard. Fans might find it a bit strange after hearing Mykelti didn’t talk with the youngest Sister Wives’ mom. But this can be explained in several ways and doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t talk with Robyn on purpose.

What if Kody Brown was on the phone with Mykelti and one of the little kids blew by their dad wanting to talk to whoever was on the other end. Kody may have just handed the phone to Ariella Brown or Solomon Brown. Mom’s everywhere know how that goes with kids. If one gets to talk on the phone the other better too or you’re in for a tough time.

But Mykelti said something else a bit odd. Sister Wives fans know that Robyn’s house is like an estate. The rooms are huge and the house seems sprawling when you look at the photos. Yet, it sounded like Mykelti and Tony said something about them being stuck in a small space. Considering the size of the house Robyn lives in, that’s hard to believe.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Sounds Like Ladies Enforce Kody’s Schedule?

It sounds like both Mykelti and Tony have seen a few things in the past. They offered a scenario for Kody Brown like they knew the ropes well enough to talk about his situation. It looks like all four of Kody’s wives still vie for his time.

Even when it’s risky to be that spoon in the mixing bowl, it seems Kody had no other choice. It looks as if the wives know their days with their shared Sister Wives hubby. But because some of the wives needed to travel, Kody did insist on waiting that two week period suggested by health authorities in case they contracted it during their travels. So it sounds like a few wives went a couple of weeks Kody-less.

One of those wives might be Janelle Brown. She went to North Carolina to visit Maddie Brown Brush and Celeb Brush along with her grandchildren. Possibly Meri Brown and Christine Brown traveled as well during this time. Christine was spotted in Utah with a bunch of kids by a fan. Then Meri said something about having to go somewhere for business. But no one officially confirmed their travels.

This Sister Wives young couple also confirmed that Meri and Kody Brown had trouble between them. But they also confirmed Meri is still with the family. While this should put a kibosh on the rumors, it probably won’t.

Both Tony and his Sister Wives bride appeared extremely genuine. It looks as though they’d answer a question by saying they couldn’t answer that question rather than offer up something that’s not true. So, until they hop on social media again and open themselves up to fans’ questions, that’s it on the bean spilling.

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