‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Daughter Points to Backfire in Dad’s Mission

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown has a bunch of grownup kids today. Some are already married and others have promised their hands in marriage. It seems these young adults see the Sister Wives family a little different than their parents do in some cases.

Lately, both Mykelti Brown Padron and her husband Tony Padron have answered some of the Sister Wives followers’ questions online. A few of those answers offer insights into Kody Brown and his four wives that you might not have heard before.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Daughter Mykelti Brown Padron Describes Backfire In Big Happy Family

Mykelti Brown Padron and hubby Tony did a question and answer segment with their fans. And they asked Mykelti how close she is with her siblings.

Surprisingly, the Sister Wives married daughter said she hardly knows some of her youngest siblings. She named Truely, Ariella, and Solomon. Because of the age difference, there wasn’t much interaction between them.

While growing up she said she was close to the siblings who were her age, but now life has them scattered. She then points out the irony of it all for the Sister Wives. Kody Brown’s mission is to have one big and close-knit happy family.

Kody wants one big happy family so much that he attempted to build that big house to put them all under one roof. Then Mykelti pointed out the irony in plural marriages.

Creating one big family is part of plural marriage but then a big family is created and siblings hardly know each other because the family is so big. As far as Mykelti Brown and all her siblings go, this Sister Wives daughter said, “We’re related so I have to love them.”

'Sister Wives': Kody Brown

Mykelti Padron and Tony Padron Offer More Stuff

Both Mykelti and Tony answered a few questions regarding Meri and Kody Brown’s marriage. Fans asked if the marital turmoil from last season is real or scripted for the show. They asked if the marriage between the Sister Wives matriarch and the patriarch is really that rocky.

According to Mykelti Padron and her hubby, what fans see is real. Although Tony said they blew it up a bit for the camera. Fans also wanted the scoop on the family finally moving in the new Sister Wives season. When they asked Mykelti if she knew what’s going on with their move she answered.

Mykelti said; “Yes, I know what’s going on with their houses.” She then added. “If they’re moving. They’re not! But we don’t know the rest of that.”

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron - Kody Brown

Sister Wives Second Generation of Plural Marriage?

So far none of Kody Brown’s kids have shown interest in a polygamous lifestyle. Instead, they seem quite content in their monogamous relationships so far. When asked over the years if they wanted more than one spouse, the Sister Wives kids seemed pretty adamant that one husband or wife is enough for them.

Although at one time Mariah Brown thought she might like to be a sister wife. The daughter of Meri Brown and her shared husband Kody Brown talked about this long before the love of her life, Audrey Kriss, entered the picture.

So far today it doesn’t seem the Brown family’s newest generation of adults has any interest in repeating the Kody Brown family life. Not the way their dad and four moms did. It sounds more like one dad and one mom is more their cup of tea.

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