‘Sister Wives’: Mykelti Brown to Name Baby after Her First Car?

Sister Wives celeb Mykelti Brown Padron offered to reveal the name she picked for her baby girl but it took much fanfare before she did. The pregnant daughter of Kody Brown and the wife of Tony Padron used this reveal to make some money first.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron Spins Money-Maker

This Sister Wives daughter stepped outside the box with this reveal event over the weekend. Mykelti Padron, much like one of her Sister Wives’ mothers, Meri Brown, sells a clothing brand online.

So she promised to share the baby’s name if her customers reached a goal she set for the number of items sold. This marketing ploy worked as the fans flocked to her site ready to buy.

Sister Wives fans jumped at the chance to push the sales to that goal. They wanted to know what name Mykelti Brown Padron had in mind for her baby daughter, who is due to arrive in March.

Well, the first day she offered the goal-oriented sale the numbers fell 10 items short of her goal. So, no baby name emerged from the Sister Wives mom-to-be. The buzz online seemed to suggest fans already figured out that this sales ploy was too good to let go after one day.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron - Tony Padron

Here We Go Again…

The Sister Wives online customers hit the nail on the head, the sale would continue. Mykelti Brown Padron attempted another event of a goal in exchange for the name reveal.

So, once again Mykelti Padron set a goal over the weekend and the fans again rose to the occasion again. From the comments, it was easy to see that more than one Sister Wives customer purchased clothing that they mulled over purchasing in the past.

It seems she supplied the push needed to get those window shoppers to take out their wallets. So, her Sister Wives fans met the goal and Mykelti released the baby’s name.

Mykelti Brown Padron and her husband Tony Padron plan to call their daughter Avalon Marie. But that’s not the end of the surprises.  No, Mykelti shared where she got this name from and why the middle name may earn her some brownie points.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron

Sister Wives: Avalon Marie – Mykelti’s Blast From the Past?

The Sister Wives clan seems to give their kids some rather different names than the names found in the main-stream public, like Mykelti for one. From Kody Brown’s kids to his newest grandchild, Evangalynn Kodi Brush, the family seems to go for originality when it comes to naming a child.

Avalon Marie, the name Tony and Mykelti decided upon, has a backstory. While still online announcing the baby’s name, Mykelti offered the steps that brought her to the name Avalon Marie. So she shared this with her Sister Wives potential clothing customers.

At first, Mykelti started describing how Avalon was a woman from King Arthur and that famous round table. But while that may sound noble on her part, that’s not all that name means to this Sister Wives mom-to-be. No, instead four tires, a gasoline engine, and a horn may better describe why she’s so fond of this name.

Her very first car happened to be… a Toyota Avalon. So, she loved that name, first from the story of King Arthur and also from her Toyota. If she does say so herself, and she does – “it’s kind of funny.”

Let’s Hope Tony Padron’s Mom Is A Good Sport

Mykelti Brown Padron continued on with the backstory for the name Avalon Marie. Fans now know she has visions of her first car in mind with the name Avalon. But it seems her Marie backstory is about to get just as interesting.

First of all, Mykelti explains how Marie is a name she thought about since she was 16. She planned to use this name one day for a daughter she may have, claims the Sister Wives future mom. Plus she loves the way Avalon Marie sounds together.

But here comes the sticky part. Mykelti tells her online audience how Tony’s mother’s name is Maria. So, Marie is a close version of Maria, according to this future mom. By using Marie as a middle name for their baby girl, Mykelti Padron suggests it looks like a tribute to Tony’s mom as well. She says: “So now it looks like there’s a meaning.”

Hopefully, Tony’s Mom doesn’t get wind that the name Marie is not from thoughts of her alone. If she does, maybe she’s a good sport about it. As it seems her daughter-in-law from the Sister Wives series just told the world where it really came from.

Everyone now knows that her mother-in-law wasn’t the real driving force behind the middle name Marie, even though she made it sound as if it was.

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