‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Busts with Pride over Two Big Success Stories

Sister Wives star Meri Brown looks like a woman whose cup runneth over today as the tide has turned for this TLC reality series celebrity. Veteran fans of the Sister Wives show know all too well the struggles that Meri Brown endured. They also know this is one Sister Wives member who didn’t whine about it; she did something about it.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown In Her Glory

Meri Brown recently did a tour of her bed and breakfast establishment, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Mariah Brown, Meri’s only biological offspring, was there with her fiance, Audrey Kriss. This young Sister Wives couple seemed to have a great time with Meri.

Audrey did the camera work and a good job at that. But listening to these three women showing the audience around Lizzie’s was more than interesting. Fans actually found themselves laughing and enjoying the entertainment.

While Audrey did appear on Sister Wives, she’s not a regular. So fans don’t know that much about her. After watching the tour, fans see why Audrey is so welcomed by all the Brown family members. Fans found her really funny and quick-witted. Actually all three ladies highlighted their sense of humor during the tour.

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown

The DNA Connection for Mariah Brown

Meri Brown has her ancestors’ pictures hanging all over the house. Much like most families, not all ancestors are beauty queens. Some of the women held very stern looks on their faces. The Sister Wives’ original matriarch compared Mariah Brown to some of the people who share her DNA from decades gone by.

Meri and Audrey couldn’t get over the resemblance of Mariah to some of these ancestral pictures. So to prove the point Mariah stood next to a few photos of those she shares her DNA with and copied their poses.

It was actually funny to watch as Meri, Audrey, and Mariah offered their commentary on the topic. You may even find yourself wishing you were there, as some of the comments from the Sister Wives followers expressed.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Mariah Brown

Sister Wives: Two of Meri’s Biggest Accomplishments

It is easy to see why Meri Brown was beside herself with both joy and pride over the holiday weekend. She was surrounded by two of her biggest success stories.

First in line for one of Meri Brown’s success stories was Mariah Brown. Just read the post above to see how much pride Meri has in her daughter. Since Audrey entered the scene, Meri considers herself as a mom with two daughters. So she’ now has double the boasting privileges.

Then, of course, the same post shows both Meri Brown and Mariah Brown standing in front of another huge success in the Sister Wives mom’s life—her inn. For three years in the running, Lizzie’s won the title of Best Country Inn from Best of America for the state of Utah.

It looks like Meri Brown has happiness covered today. But as a new Sister Wives season films, fans wait in anticipation to see where her life with Kody Brown stands. Until then, Meri shares the things that bring her happiness with her fans on social media.

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