‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown’s Announcement Leaves Fans Baffled by the Math

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is full of surprises these days but her most recent one leaves fans doing the math and scratching their heads. Meri made an announcement this week for all her Sister Wives followers and friends. It looks like time flies in Meri Brown’s world as over a century seems to go by at the drop of a hat.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Give-Aways

So what is she celebrating all next week leading up to August 29? That would be the 150th anniversary of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. The Sister Wives celebrity has big things planned.

Meri Brown says that they will want to tune in to Lizzie’s Heritage Inn on social media on August 29. The Sister Wives celeb says that they won’t want to miss the giveaways and fun.

Those give-aways include a weekend stay at the inn. She also showed her fans some of the new Lizzie’s merchandise that just arrived. It sounds like some of these things might be part of her prizes as well. But the fans are still wondering how this can be?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown's Lizzie's Heritage Inn

Did She Forget Her Fans Can Do the Math?

Sister Wives fans remember all too well when and how Meri Brown got her bed and breakfast inn. Meri buying the property and putting together Lizzie’s spanned across two seasons of the TLC reality show.

That wasn’t 150 years ago, that happened about three years ago. So why did Meri Brown tack on all those years?

The advertising she’s doing also makes it sound as if Lizzies is a century and a half old this month.

When Meri purchased the property, the house was a home. It was owned and lived in by a family unrelated to Meri Brown. When the first wife from the Sister Wives clan purchased the property it was not a B&B business. She created her purchase into Lizzie’s a few years back. So Lizzie’s isn’t over a century old.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: House Wasn’t Always In Meri Brown’s Family

Although the house had been in Meri’s family since it was originally built, they sold it. Then another family took ownership and had it for years. Then when that family was ready to put it on the market after owning it for years, this Sister Wives businesswoman wanted it.

The woman who owned the house basically vetted interested buyers. Sister Wives viewers learned on the show how the woman was very particular as to who she’d sell it to. But when she found out Meri Brown came from the bloodline of the family who built the home, she was happy to sell the home to Meri.

It was Meri who came up with the name Lizzie’s Heritage Inn and turned it into her B&B. This was not a Sister Wives venture, Meri did this all on her own.

So while she might be celebrating something to do with her ancestor Lizzie, another ancestor, or the building from 150 years ago, she can’t be celebrating 150 years of that business. It is brand new in the scope of the 150-year timeline. Maybe the third anniversary of the business is about right.

The building went up in 1870 and was home to Meri Brown’s great-great-grandparents. According to the history on the inn’s site, four generations of Meri’s family lived in the house.

But it was sold to non-family members. So it was out of Meri’s family’s ownership for more than 20 years until she was able to purchase it back.

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