‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Yells at Customer During Live Sale – Fans Fuming

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown seemed to forget the importance of customer satisfaction during her last live sales event as her temper flared. People started hopping on social media to say Meri just yelled at a customer.

Maybe if you are a reality star with Sister Wives fame you don’t need to follow that old sales adage. You know, the one that says the customer is always right?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Exposes Something She Shouldn’t?

Meri exposing her temper gave the fans some grounds for discussion. Several said that Meri is selling clothes by the droves only because she has these fans.

Then the Sister Wives armchair sleuths and mathematicians chimed in with their observations. While one counted up how many shirts she sold, the other read off the price. So if she sold 100 shirts at $34 each, then Meri Brown made a small fortune in just one live sale.

During that one short online sale, it looked like Meri raked in $3,400 from only one design. Or so it appeared to fans who counted the sales. Then add all the other pieces of clothing she sells during her live events that usually last about an hour or two.

Next, tag that on to the rest of her sales online day and night from her website. Finally don’t forget the commission she makes from each of the sales reps she signed up.

So, while Meri Brown’s finances are under lock and key from the public eye, it looks like she’s doing just fine.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Yells At Customer Comments


So What Set This Top Sales Rep Off?

One Sister Wives follower posted what she saw on Meri Brown’s live show. The fan wrote, “Whoa Meri Yelling at People on Her Live Today”.  It looks like Meri’s patience wore thin at one customer who asked a question. Apparently, it had to do with the way her live sales run.

People who sat at home in the audience watched as Meri reprimanded her customer. The Sister Wives entrepreneur told her customer she should have read the rules before joining in on the sale.

It surprised the fans the tongue-lashing Meri Brown gave this person. She told the customer that they promise to follow through on their part when first joining this group. So, she told this person to do what she said she would do and respect everyone’s time shopping here. Meri included her time as well.

Fans took this as the Sister Wives original matriarch flippantly telling the customer she didn’t have time for her questions.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: No Apology?

It sounds like Meri Brown didn’t score any points with a good number of her customers during that recent live sale. They started to pick apart her rules, especially the one where they’ll be charged twice and get two of the items if they accidentally hit it twice.

Others said it didn’t matter what Meri Brown was selling online. Even if the product is good, talking to customers the way she did during her last sale is enough to lose them.

One commenter summed it all up by saying Meri was in a “bad mood.”

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