‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Suddenly Short Circuits – Rants How She’s Hit ‘Hard’

Sister Wives star Meri Brown looks like she’s ready to shout her frustration from a mountain top but instead, social media will have to do. It seems the walls closed in on her lately. Apparently she felt as if she were rolling along with everyone else until it hit her “hard”.

Meri Brown claims she’s missing people. But who are the peope she’s really missing? A recent cabin-fever-like rant may shed some light on this.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Feeling Boxed In?

The Sister Wives’ original matriarch shares her recent epiphany with fans. But she’s only preaching to the choir as many in the nation feel the same way today. Meri Brown rants about refusing to believe this is the world’s new normal. But that rant also offered some insight into the Brown family.

It sounds as if it suddenly hit her after four months of semi-isolation. It doesn’t sound as if she sees any of the Sister Wives kids because she says she misses them. From what she says online, it sounds as if she’s seen no one.

Robyn Brown and Meri Brown are not only co-wives in the Sister Wives clan, but they’re also best friends. Meri claims she misses the shenanigans with her bestie. So, it sounds as if she hasn’t spent time with Robyn either.

Meri posted a bunch of her old Sister Wives social media photos like the ones below. Then she attached her rant to each comment section. Apparently they demonstrate her favorite things that she misses today.

It seems the photo with Mariah and Audrey represents the family. Yet the only other family member she has pictured is little Ariella Brown, Kody and Robyn’s youngest daughter.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Friends

The Word ‘Family’ Doesn’t Show Up

Although Meri Brown doesn’t call anyone by their name, she offers hints. But there doesn’t seem to be a hint about her shared husband or her co-wives other than Robyn.

During the Sister Wives episode where Meri Brown was in a therapy session with her shared husband, Kody revealed something about Meri. He said that she only seems to be happy when with her friends. She doesn’t act that way when she’s with family.

From what Meri describes in her cabin fever rant, it seems to offer evidence on who she likes spending time with. She said how she misses sharing space with “her people.” The word family doesn’t seep into this rant anywhere.

Sister Wives - Meri Brown - Mariah Brown - Audrey Kriss - Meri's Friends

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Hit Nail On The Head?

Meri claims she misses trips including a trip to Chicago, which is where her daughter Mariah Brown lives. But that seems to be the only hint she offers up that remotely concerns missing the members of her Sister Wives family. Although she does say she misses hugging the “kiddos”.

Besides wanting to take a trip to Disneyland, which she mentions twice, Meri wants to go back to Vegas and “see all my people” then “hug, just hug”. It sounds as if whoever Meri is missing the most has to do with the friends she made through her gig with LuLaRoe.

The trips she mentions sound like the ones she’s made in the past for work-related events in California, Seatle, and Oregon. Maybe Kody’s observation during the therapy session wasn’t too far off.

The Sister Wives celebrity ends her cabin-fever spiel by saying she’s grateful for the technology she does have. This way she can keep in touch with those who matter. It sounds as if she also put a message in this rant for her best friend.

The Sister Wives entrepreneur claims she does an “every day Marco Polo with my BFF”. You’d probably have to be her best friend to know what she means by that. It seems cabin fever just hit Meri Brown.

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