‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Hints She’s Lovable But Hubby Unable to Love?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown seems to have come to a realization of sorts, which might finally take a load of guilt off her shoulders. After running up against brick walls when it comes to making headway with her shared husband, It seems she might have found the cause of that roadblock.

Sister Wives: Quote Rids Meri Brown Of Worries?

Meri Brown cited a quote in her latest post, the quote comes from motivational speaker, Mel Robbins. It simply says…  “Don’t confuse someone’s inability to love with you being unloveable.”

While Sister Wives followers discuss Meri Brown’s latest cryptic messages online, some point to her family. Does that message have to do with some of the members within the Sister Wives clan?

Is there one or a couple of people in the Brown family who don’t possess the ability to love? Still, some of the comments seem to suggest that the message is probably focused on Kody Brown as far as Meri is concerned.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Cryptic Message On Love

Meri Brown so Focused On Sucess She Appears Crazy?

Meri seemed to find two messages that appear to explain some of the scenes from the last season of Sister Wives.  Meri’s other message was simple and right to the point as well. It seems to suggest others might see her drive to be successful as a little crazy.

Both these messages fit well with the scenes out of the therapist’s office with Meri and Kody. Not many people took Kody’s side during his rant. He blindsided the original Sister Wives matriarch.

Kody also said their marriage was basically a farce. He married Meri under false pretenses, which was Kody’s take on their 30-years-together. Not knowing her for very long before they wed, Kody didn’t see the red flags until they took the plunge or so he says. ‘

Kody believed Meri wasn’t who she pretended to be when they met and courted. The Sister Wives patriarch sounded as if he was ready to throw in the towel while at that counseling session. This was horrible for Meri to hear.

In that office, Meri Brown heard things that she never suspected. At the time she said into the Sister Wives camera that she had no idea where this is all coming from.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Maybe It All Falls Back on Kody Brown?

Kody also said in the therapist’s office that Meri Brown treats her work associates better than she does the family. He gave the example of how she so happy around the people she’s with for work and she doesn’t show the same happiness around the family.

That quote on crazy might be Meri’s way to explain why Kody sees her that way. After all, she is focused on success. She didn’t get to be one of the company’s top sales reps sitting at home and smiling.

Maybe she sees Kody or one of the other Sister Wives adults as unable to express love. So after all this time maybe Meri realizes she’s not unloveable, the problem is not hers after all. Don’t forget all the pain she went through from the treatment she got from Kody Brown.

The same thing goes for Christine Brown. She treated Meri pretty lousy by telling her co-wife she brings baggage into a room with her. For that reason, Christine is not crazy about being around Meri. So, is she pointing out a couple of spouses with her quote on love?

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