‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Makes a Round of Returns – Then Loneliness Seeps In

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seemed to end the last season in a dark place as her shared husband annihilated their marriage in front of the camera. Fans of the TLC series were disgusted on many levels after Kody Brown blindsided Meri at the therapist’s office.

Fans hit social media sites with comments slamming Kody for demeaning Meri Brown on national television. Then, of course, some of the other fans thought it was all about the Sister Wives ratings and that the scenes with the counselor were possibly scripted.

Sister Wives: Weekend Fun Comes to an End for Meri Brown

Meri Brown posted details on her “fun” and “busy” weekend. But that ended and she found herself alone at home. The Sister Wives matriarch said she was lonely and her faithful fans weren’t happy to hear that.

It seems the first wife of the Sister Wives tribe spent time with her mother and she also had Mariah Brown’s dog with her as well. But this weekend Meri needed to drop her mom off at home and Mariah wanted Mosby the pup back. So, it looked like Meri Brown’s weekend ended on a rather sad note.

Spending time with her mom is something Meri loves to do. Then having Mosby around her Sister Wives house offers even more comfort for this TLC celeb. So, after Meri Brown made her rounds of returning mom her home and getting the pup back to Mariah, the house seemed really empty, suggests the mom of one.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Fan and Kitchen Therapy

The Sister Wives fan-favorite she didn’t wallow in her loneliness, instead, she got back to work. Apparently, Meri promised her LuLaroe customers that they would get a homemade treat with recent purchases. So from the looks of her Sister Wives post, she headed right for the kitchen.

Not only did she create some goodies as she promised, but Meri Brown also posted photos of her homemade offerings. She opened up the conversation by admitting she was a bit lonely when returning home. So, some of her fans sent her messages of inspiration.

As Meri said on one of the last Sister Wives episodes, people always ask her why she doesn’t leave Kody Brown. Those questions seemed to amp up a bit online after fans witnessed Kody’s treatment of his wife at the last marriage counseling session on the series.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Family

Sister Wives: Original Matriarch Has Too Much to Lose

Unlike a wife who doesn’t share her husband, Meri has three other adults and 18 kids to think about. She would be leaving her entire Sister Wives clan if she left Kody. From what Meri said, leaving everyone is not something she’s willing to do.

So, Meri Brown seems to spend some lonely times without Kody Brown acting as her husband anymore. Kody told the therapist that he’s not living with his first wife at this time. When translated that probably means his nighttime schedule doesn’t include the first woman he married.

While Meri Brown’s fans can’t take away her loneliness, they make sure she knows they love her. They also see Meri as someone who deserves happiness in life.

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