‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Holds Chilling Sidewalk Sale – Fans Spot Leftovers?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown isn’t leaving her most recent message to chance assumptions but it appears she is still taking a chance. It’s almost December and winter weather arrived weeks ago. But the original Sister Wives matriarch looks as if she’s holding a sidewalk sale.

Sure, sidewalk type of sales usually crop up in the summer months. But this is Meri Brown. She tends to march to the beat of her own drummer and that’s what her fans find endearing about her.

So, it looks as if she’s taking a chance on the weather. They now live in a place where winter offers a cold climate. It’s far from the desert heat of Vegas.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Entices Fans

While Meri Brown promotes her goods to her followers, fans take notice. She made a big deal out of this weekend’s Small Business Saturday sales. So, it looks as if she offers stuff herself on the sidewalk in front of her bed & breakfast place.

Meri doesn’t mention what her Sister Wives’ tables hold for merchandise. But the camera pans over her goods to give you an idea. It appears she offers a little bit of everything.

So, despite Christmas only a few weeks away, Meri parks her wares on a sidewalk. Some astute fans want to know if the jewelry they eye on that table is leftovers from My Sister Wife’s Closet.

Considering the online store that Robyn Brown managed suddenly closed its doors over a year ago, there’s probably unsold stock left. So, why not throw the leftovers out there for sale.

Meri Brown at Bed & Breakfast

Sidewalk Sale In Winter?

The very first wife from the Sister Wives clan seemed to be in rare form.  She acted excited over the sale there in Utah. Viewers of the show notice how precise Meri was this time around. She didn’t leave anything open-ended for fans to try and surmise what is going on.

Some of her followers wanted to know why she’s selling stuff for Lizzie’s. Especially when Kody Brown made it clear through the last season that her Sister Wives family is experiencing tough financial times.

Meri Brown made it clear to the Sister Wives viewers during the last few seasons that Lizzie’s Heritage Inn is hers and only hers. So, her fans know she alone either reaps the financial benefits of Lizzie’s or suffers any losses alone.

From recent reports, Lizzie’s is thriving. So, Meri Brown had a hit once she branched out on her own in business.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: First Wive Meri Rides Her Fame to Double Success

Out of the five adult Sister Wives spouses, Meri seems to be the only one to launch more success off the success awarded them from the TLC reality show. Christine Brown seems to follow in the footsteps of Meri Brown with sales. But reports indicate Meri does the lion’s share of the online clothing business.

Christine uses her fame much like Meri. They entice their pool of followers to their merchandise. But it appears Christine doesn’t do the volume of sales that her Sister Wives cohort does. Christine and Janelle Brown dabble in promotional sales of health foods, makeup, and other stuff.

But again, they don’t seem to do the mass quantity that Meri Brown boasts. Janelle and Christine also do Cameo clips for a fee, but again, their sites don’t show a huge number of sales.

So, the real question among fans today hangs over Meri Brown. Is this sidewalk type sale a benefit for just her or is this her way of bringing in extra money the family seems to need today?

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