‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Posts Hilarious Disclaimer As Random Chickens Drop Eggs

Sister Wives star Meri Brown deals with the fallout from random chickens wandering onto the lawn of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn this weekend. Meri fielded breakfast and dinner questions among her guests due to those chickens that don’t belong to her. Fresh egg and roasted chicken jokes flowed as her family and friends joined her for a few days. Apparently, the chickens also made quite the impression on Meri Brown’s young niece and nephew.

First, the Sister Wives entrepreneur told a funny story about what she heard all weekend long regarding the chickens. It seems that cackling bunch showed up in the B&B’s yard each morning. Apparently, her little niece found an egg after one of these morning visits from the hens.

Sister Wives: Birds and Bees – Oh, and Chickens Too

Then Meri’s nephew, who is only seven, admitted to finding the egg and moving it to “more softer dirt,” which is where his sister found it. Next, Meri Brown said how her sister had to explain to her son that the egg didn’t contain a chick. She said that can’t happen without a rooster. The Sister Wives spouse posted the pictures below in the sequence this happened.

Apparently, Meri Brown’s talk ended up more like a birds and bees talk. That’s because it came complete with a demonstration. But instead of the parents, it was the young boy who took it upon himself to demonstrate how to get a chick in that egg.

As you can see, in the third picture below, the little guy put “mommy and daddy” on the egg. He then questioned his mom if this is how it’s done. From the mouths of babes. The Sister Wives B&B owner got a kick out of her nephew’s reproductive ideas.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri’s Disclaimer – Eggs Come Straight from Cosco, Not Picked Off Lawn

The Sister Wives matriarch apparently didn’t want future guests to think the inn served eggs left by random chickens on her lawn. So she added a bit of disclaimer to her social media post.  “We DO NOT serve random eggs from random chickens found in the dirt at Lizzie’s, ours come strictly from Costco! Haha!”

While her fans got a kick out of this, one Sister Wives fan wrote: “I’d eat those eggs over Cosco any day.” It sounds like Meri gets a free egg delivery each morning and doesn’t take advantage of the situation.

The comments left on this post also applauded free-range chickens. It seems Meri has many followers, as she outnumbers her Sister Wives spouses on a few of her social media sites. So it looks like many people got to see her story and really liked it.

Sister Wives:  Meri Brown Highlights Chickens all Weekend

It seems those chickens infatuated Meri Brown all weekend as earlier posts show the chicks in action. She video the chickens waddling into her yard, calling them her morning visitors. Although that birds and bees-like demonstration by her nephew wasn’t the only stunner this weekend. Another earlier post by the Sister Wives inn owner honed in on dog treats.

Meri’s friend Lisa Stone joined her at the inn this weekend. It looked as it the two felt a bit mischievous at one point when they made a video that Meri posted to Instagram Stories. Lisa described what Meri had just told her about the dog treat bull pizzle, also called bully sticks. Lisa explained to the camera if Meri won’t tell you, she will. And she did.

Lisa spouted forth how bull pizzle is dried, stretched-out bull penis. It sounded like she then dared the Sister Wives celeb to post it and Meri did. One thing for sure, Meri Brown looked as if she had a wonderful time at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. It seems like she not only made memories this weekend but also had quite a few laughs.

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