‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown’s New Photo – Accident Ready To Happen?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown posted a new photo of herself over the weekend probably not realizing what showed up in the background. Meri spent the weekend at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn putting some sweat equity into her investment.

The Sister Wives co-spouse admits she’s not one for yard work. But she did put together a beautiful planter that her mom got as a Christmas present. Although, something popped up in the background of a photo that showed Meri hard at work.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Puts In Sweat Equity

The Sister Wives matriarch put together an Instagram story as she assembled this planter. Using cement and a metal pole Meri Brown went to work. She posed for several pictures including the one below where she was photo-bombed by a little cutie.

While Meri’s fans sang praises over how great she looks in this latest photo, some fans honed in on the background of the picture. That little girl is adorable, who watches Meri intently as she puts together the planter.

Fans suggested Meri Brown was photo-bombed by the cutie. But there’s something else behind the Sister Wives B&B owner that looks like an accident ready to happen.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

A Door, a Glass, Little Girl, and Meri’s Bare Feet

This Sister Wives photo shines with the activities of a weekend afternoon. Some fans commented on how they too like to go barefoot as Meri does in this picture. Sure, this photo looks like a typical summer day in anyone’s backyard. But if you look closely in the background to see the potential for a quick accident.

Someone set a glass down on the back stoop, which looks like maybe it contains lemonade. Then there’s the adorable little girl and the Sister Wives entrepreneur in the forefront with bare feet. But look where that glass happens to sit, right outside the back door.

If someone opens the door from inside they might not see that glass. Depending upon how quickly that door opens, that glass could take flight. At the very least it could get knocked over by the door and with all that slate and brick it’s bound to break.

Sister Wives: Innocent Placement of Glass Looks Dangerous

That glass is in the way if that door happens to swing open. Now, maybe whoever took the picture of the Sister Wives spouse placed it there for a minute while they captured Meri Brown at work.

So the glass might sit there for just a few seconds as the camera happened to catch it. But still, you have to admit it’s probably not the best place to put down a drink in a glass container.

It looks like Meri Brown enjoyed her weekend at her bed and breakfast doing some business-oriented things. The Sister Wives celeb offered up another photo with two friends along with her for the ride to pick up supplies for her B&B.

At one point Meri captured her friend in a video describing a rather grotesque sounding dog treat. They appeared to be spending some time on the inn’s front porch after having breakfast.

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