‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Warning – She’s Ready to Take on the Devil?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems to leave her sadness behind today and instead, she suggests that she’s ready to tackle the devil himself. The woman who usually talks in riddles to her fans gets a bit clearer with her latest declaration.

Sister Wives: Co-Wives and Shared Hubby Warned By Meri Brown?

The original Sister Wives matriarch sounds as if she developed some tough skin over the weekend. Today it looks as if Meri decided to be the kind of woman who rises each morning prompting the devil to say,  “Oh crap, she’s up!”

It appears this latest Sister Wives message takes the place of Meri’s frequent sad messages. She’s not wallowing in the thoughts of being left behind with these latest words. She’s also not sounding like a scorned woman or an unhappy one for that matter.

No, it looks like she’s ready to go head-on with someone. So, is this a warning to Meri’s shared Sister Wives husband or possibly one of her co-wives?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

What’s Different About Meri Today?

Meri usually drops the words to her Sister Wives fans and they fill in the blanks. But most of the time she sounds like she’s sad. Meri speaks in words of inspiration at times to her fans. This leaves the fans believing she’s healing from something.

Many of the fans fill in the blank with Kody Brown. Many of Meri’s followers assume all this doom and gloom comes from a possible split from Kody Brown.

The very last word that fans heard directly from Meri when she actually addressed leaving Kody Brown seems forgotten. She finally told the fans a while back she won’t leave Kody because this means she also leaves the family. That’s not something she’s willing to do.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Who or What is the Devil?

Despite Meri spelling it out for the Sister Wives enthusiasts that she’s not leaving her husband, Kody Brown, it seems some think she already has. One of her hashtags states “I’m Enough”.

So, Meri Brown does give her followers fuel for that split theory. But now this latest little diddy about the devil sounds as if she’s ready to stay and fight.

Although that devil who’s not happy to see her put her feet on the ground in the morning could be anyone. But there’s always a chance she’s addressing one of the Brown adults.

Still, there’s no telling what Meri Brown is up to. But it sounds like she sent out a warning that she’s someone to reckon with today.

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