‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Blows Reality Show Wide Open with 17-Hours Reveal?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seemed to change her attitude when it comes to the TLC reality show that brought her and her family fame. A recent comment from Meri to a fan gave the Sister Wives followers a lot of fuel for thought. What the viewers thought they knew about Meri’s life might not be the case after all. Meri Brown seemed to reveal this in a recent online comment to a fan’s question.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Just Shaded Her Claim to Fame?

While that might sound confusing, just think about it. The Sister Wives clan invites fans into their lives. They let the cameras film them in their homes, capturing their daily activities. So, as a season passes, you get the feeling that you were privy to quite a bit from Kody Brown and his four wives. But maybe you don’t.

Meri Brown’s answer to a fan’s online question might surprise you. A fan asked her why they didn’t see more of her in the last season. She reveals that viewers only see 17 hours of her life out of an entire year. Fans are only privy to less than a day’s worth of viewing from Meri Brown in the Sister Wives reality show.

Meri wrote to her fan, “Well, ya know, those 17-                                                            hours of my life you see out of the year, they’re selective about what they show LOL!”  This leaves fans thinking about the rumors that swirl around online that the show is scripted. While they might not have pages of words to read, there’s more than one way to script a show.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

More Than One Way to Script a Show?

Editing the clips together for maximum drama is another way to get the outcome the producers want. Both Kody Brown and Christine Brown blamed the editing this season at different times for showing them in a bad light. Now Meri refers to the 17-hours that the Sister Wives series films.

Questions about the genuine storylines from the show popped up during the last season. Especially concerning Meri Brown’s marriage with Kody Brown.

When this Sister Wives duo took part in counseling, it was like the lyrics of a country-western song. Any little glimmer of love was gone. In a matter of just a few minutes, everything fans thought Kody and Meri once had seemed blown to smithereens.

Kody Brown claimed the romance was gone and Meri Brown claimed the marriage was over. Then they questioned themselves on love ever being there in the first place. The only thing missing is a dog that ran away and you have a sad song.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives Update: Meri Brown’s 17-Hours – Give or Take a Few Minutes

Meri really hit it home for the fans, without saying too much. But she said enough to put the filming of the show in perspective for the veteran Sister Wives viewers. Fans see Meri Brown only when the folks in editing decide to show her to the audience.

Fans comments about what Meri’s 17-hours suggested some Sister Wives enthusiasts became very disillusioned. It sounded to them as if Meri shared how 17-hours of filming doesn’t give the viewer a very accurate look at her life.

That helped explain why fans finished out the last season of Sister Wives believing Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s marriage was over. Then Kody interrupts Meri in real-time while she sells her LuLaRoe clothes online live. She acted as if this was nothing new and happily obliged to his request for her signature as her fans watched online.

That scene didn’t look like Meri’s marriage was over and it certainly didn’t look like the two had very little communication. The interaction between Kody and his first wife stunned the viewers of Sister Wives because of what they were led to believe in the last few episodes.

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