‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown in Fear and Wedding Ring Removed – Another Confusing Update?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown is a puzzle waiting to be solved these days but it seems her cryptic messages move closer to reality. For months now, Meri’s online posts seem to offer clues to this Sister Wives spouse’s mindset. Then, of course, Meri Brown could be just having fun with the fans, who at times take too many liberties with their assumptions.

Sister Wives: What Is Meri Brown Afraid Of?

One of the Sister Wives matriarch’s latest post talks about facing your fears. This quote might describe what’s going on in her life today or maybe not. She could just like the inspiration the quote carries along with it. But many of the Sister Wives fans see it as Meri Brown facing her fears.

It’s not just any generic fear the fans assume today. No, some followers think Meri Brown is down to the wire about her decision on whether to leave Kody Brown or not. What the Sister Wives viewers witnessed on the last season left a lot of naysayers out there. Some of the followers just can’t see a way back for this couple. So maybe Meri is in fear of being alone if she leaves Kody.

After the awful things Kody said to Meri during their marriage counseling session, fans can’t see Kody redeeming himself to Meri. While the viewers of the show might not see this happening, another camp isn’t so sure. Meri’s LuLaRoe customers have a different scene to use when sizing up the fate of this couple.

If there’s one thing all the Sister Wives enthusiasts can agree upon is – this show is confusing. The family dynamics are also confusing. Starting with the Sister Wives previews that are spun to sound tragic only to play out as generic as generic gets when the episode airs.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Kody Brown’s Wrath is Wide-Spread

In the last season, Kody Brown seemed at odds with at least three of his wives. Only Janelle appeared to make it through the season without the wrath of Kody Brown coming down on her. Then all the anger stopped when the season came to an end. But soon photos and videos surfaced showing Kody and his wives looking just fine in real-time.

For the Sister Wives followers, one of the worst cases of Kody demeaning a wife played out in the latest season. Even the fans who continued to give Kody Brown the benefit of the doubt found it hard to do that this time around.

Kody Brown tells his first wife from the Sister Wives tribe that he wished he never married her. He said she manipulated him into the marriage and that she wasn’t the woman he thought he was marrying. So, basically Kody dismissed the last 30 years with Meri Brown as a big mistake.

Fans were mortified for Meri and took shots at Kody online slamming him for treating her like he did. Then another shocker in real-time happened last week leaving folks even more confused. While Meri sold her LuLaRoe clothes on a live-stream, Kody busted in.

The Sister Wives husband of four didn’t seem to care what Meri was doing at the time he interrupted her sales. But the more surprising behavior came from Meri Brown. She dropped what she was doing and waited on Kody – hand, and foot. He needed her signature on documents as well as photocopies. Meri happily obliged him on all requests.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Fists Highlight Missing Wedding Band

This wasn’t the scene of a husband and wife teetering on divorce. From where the fans were sitting at home, everything seemed fine between the two of them. So more confusion over Meri and Kody’s relationship surfaces among the fans.

In the picture she posted with her facing fears quote, Meri seems to make fists with both her hands. But the fans didn’t take too much notice of what might be her fighting stance. No, they were more concerned about what’s not on her finger.

Kody Brown and the four women who make up the Sister Wives plural marriage all wear an Irish Claddagh ring in lieu of the traditional wedding bands. It seems that with Meri making fists, it’s easy to spot that ring is missing.

Now, this adds more fuel to the fire. Meri’s quote about fear and the missing ring seems to suggest to fans that she’s about to jump the Kody Brown ship. It also adds more confusion to the Brown family followers. Then again, it does keep the viewers ready and waiting for another season of Sister Wives. Maybe it’s all an elaborate ploy to keep the fans’ interest going in Sister Wives in between the seasons.

Despite no official word as of yet of renewal or cancellation for this TLC show, it looks like it’s coming back. The ratings were good and that’s usually the biggest indicator.

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