‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown -‘I Am Woman Hear Me Roar’

Sister Wives star Meri Brown treated her fans to a quote from a song by Helen Reddy – “I am woman hear me roar.” The lyric snippet handily came to mind when replying to a question by a fan about Kody Brown on her Instagram. The post showed a “Christmas wonderland” photo as Flagstaff’s snow draped the world in sparkling white.

‘Sister Wives’ fans admired Meri Brown’s photo

Fans of Sister Wives who follow the TLC show loved the beautiful photo that Meri Brown posted up. It showed a view from a balcony across to the tall trees, with blue sky peeping out of the clouds. The snow lay thick and Christmassy. Meri said that she “woke up to a winter wonderland this morning.” Of course, those followers not up to date with the Flagstaff move wondered where she lived now as there’s no snow in Las Vegas. For those who still don’t know, the Brown family relocated to Flagstaff in Arizona (where it does snow), this year.

Meri Brown also noted that she took the opportunity to work out her abs and cardio all at the same time as she spent two hours shoveling. She clearly enjoyed the work as she hashtagged her post with “#BecauseICan,” “#LifeFulfilled” and “#FlagstaffLife.” Some Sister Wives‘ followers commented that Meri would soon tire of clearing the snow. Others wished they could live in Flagstaff to experience the pretty countryside, so different from Utah and Vegas.

‘I Am Woman Hear Me Roar,’ says Meri

The Helen Reddy lyric, “I am woman hear me roar” came after one follower asked why Kody Brown isn’t shoveling the snow. Meri Brown, quick to answer, also said, “It’s amazing how much stuff I can do for myself.” Meri’s no helpless butterfly anyway, and nobody knows for sure, how many yards Kody might have to shovel. One Sister Wives follower, @felicianofour, picked up on that, posting, “Could you imagine if you all had to wait for (sic) Cody to do stuff? He wouldn’t get anything done, or you’d be waiting a while. Good for you.”

The photo Meri Brown put online shows that apart from painting talent, she takes some really nice photos too. Maybe it’s her artistic eye, but her Flagstaff photos look very nice on Instagram. Apart from painting some of the stunning scenery, photography may suit her new nature. Positive and taking control is where Meri’s at lately. She often captions her artwork with “#PaintingIsMyHappyPlace.”


Meri Brown and ‘Sister Wives’

Fans still question whether Meri plans to continue the show and stay with the family. In fact, this mainly comes from fans who really don’t stay current. On an earlier Instagram post, when asked about that, she replied, saying that her not being with the family is all rumors, nothing more. What do you think about the “I am woman hear me roar” quote by Meri Brown?

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