‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Old Flame Rattles Wives with ‘Rubbing’ Details [Retro Video]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown apparently had the moves long before his plural marriage as his wives learn from one of his old flames. Several seasons back, Kody Brown took his wives to meet some of his childhood friends.

A girl he dated happened to be in that group. She’s a woman now but she got a bit sappy describing Kody Brown’s romantic moves. This didn’t seem to sit well with the four women who star in this Sister Wives series.

Sister Wives: Childhood Friends of Kody Brown Shocked

It’s bad enough for anyone’s wife to get the romantic scoop on a past girlfriend. That’s especially true if it’s the past girlfriend offering up that scoop.

In the Sister Wives patriarch’s case, this old girlfriend goes a bit too far. She had an audience of all four wives. But, Kody Brown’s ex girlfriend did to share something a bit intimate about their future shared husband.

The names of these women and men who met with the Sister Wives adults are not known. But they were all part of Kody’s circle of friends before his Sister Wives world. First, they all shared how stunned they were when finding outKody Brown opted for a polygamous lifestyle.

But some weren’t that kind when telling Kody Brown what they thought when first hearing about their friend taking on four wives. One guy, who describes himself as Kody’s close friend from high school said he thought Kody was “stupid”.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

Calling Their Shared Husband ‘Stupid’ Gets Four Wives Attention

While the video below shows a few scenes from that long-ago Sister Wives episode, veteran fans remember how much this upset the Sister Wives women. The conversation made Kody uncomfortable enough at one point that he attempted to put a stop to the topic.

He didn’t want to dissect his life and defend it to his past friends anymore. Kody requested a change of chat after his old friend made the “stupid” remark about his Sister Wives lifestyle. But one woman chimed in, who wanted her chance to tell Kody Brown her reaction when finding out he married four women.

She said if anyone of them were to chose this lifestyle it would be Kody Brown. She got everyone laughing when she said Kody found a way to always be the center of attention – by having four wives. This woman went on to say that Kody had to be the person that got all the attention among his friends growing up.

Sister Wives: Old Girlfriend Describes How Papa Brown Found Her Sweet Spot

During this episode, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown were visibly uncomfortable. From the look on their faces, they even appeared a bit peeved off at some of the Sister Wives comments.

But the highlight of this visit has to be an old flame of Kody’s who piled on the description of the moves he made while on a date. She swooned a bit when talking about Kody Brown putting his arm around her.

That’s because he rubbed a little spot on her shoulder over and over again. She cocked her head and gave a look to the Sister Wives ladies like she really enjoyed that.

Now the ladies of the Sister Wives clan just heard Kody’s ex describe a sweet spot of hers while on a date.  This went over like a lead balloon. The four women already live a lifestyle where they share a husband.

Now they learn of Kody’s past techniques of romance that he used on an ex and how much she enjoyed that. Talk about an event that is prime for festering jealousy.

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