‘Sister Wives’: Kody’s Mini-Me Sits Down at Head of Table – It Was Bound to Happen

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is about to be flattered when he gets a look at who seems to imitate the TLC star in a recent photo. If that old adage, “imitation is the highest form of flattery,” holds any truth then Kody should feel very flattered today.

Finally, someone in the family is taking after Kody Brown. Up until now, it seemed the Sister Wives adult kids steered clear of imitating their dad.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Wives Fast-Track Family Growth

So far, the Sister Wives kids aren’t doing much in the line of imitating when it comes to their five parents. Kody and his wives believed once you tied the knot, you just keep bringing on the babies.

With 18 kids in the family, it looks like they practiced what they preached. But that doesn’t seem to hold true for their adult children who are married. While Maddie Brown Brush had two children in her first few years of marriage, she’s not a fan of pregnancy.

Maddie said on the last Sister Wives season she’s not one of those women who love pregnancy. It’s not known if two kids are it for Maddie and Caleb Brush but fans wouldn’t be surprised if it were. Especially after her speech on pregnancy in one of the last few Sister Wives episodes to air.

Aspyn Brown Thompson and her husband Mitch Thompson said they’re in no hurry to have kids. Even with Robyn Brown hinting to Aspyn that it’s time to start a family, there’s no announcement yet.

It looks about the same for Mykelti Brown and her husband Tony Padron. So far there’s no talk of babies. So the adult kids don’t seem that invested in rapid family growth like their papa Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Generation of Monogamous Marriages?

The Sister Wives patriarch doesn’t seem to have any takers among his kids when it comes to polygamy. No one except his daughter Mariah Brown expressed an interest in the polygamous lifestyle for themselves. But Mariah changed her mind once finding her soulmate Audrey Kriss.

So, Kody Brown and his four Sister Wives spouses might be the end of plural marriage for the Brown clan. The kids all seem to have their own ideas on how to live life. But this is something their Sister Wives parents bestowed in them. They want them to make up your own minds.

Sister Wives: Gabriel (Gabe) Brown - Hunter Brown - Garrison (Robert) Brown

Sister Wives:  A Chip Off the Old Block?

Three out of Janelle’s four sons sat down for dinner together over the weekend. Gabriel Brown, Hunter Brown, and Robert Garrison Brown broke bread together at mom’s house.

There’s no denying the family resemblance between this trio. But while the boys usually sport the short-cropped look, it seems Gabriel Brown is trying a different look these days.

Fans comment on how Gabriel Brown seems to fashion himself after Kody’s hairdo as he grows his hair long. It appears after all these years and 18-kids later, Kody Brown finally gets himself a Mini-Me. It could be that Gabriel Brown is fashioning himself after dad. He coincidentally is sitting at the head of the table in the photo.

The Sister Wives’ mom couldn’t help but comment on the table manners demonstrated by her three sons. But they really seem to enjoy themselves as they chow down Janelle’s cooking.

On a side note: It looks like Janelle still hasn’t completely unpacked from her Vegas move. You can spot some unpacked boxes in the background.

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