‘Sister Wives’: Gabriel Brown Forced to Move to Flagstaff – Wanted to Stay in Vegas

Sister Wives’ son Gabriel Brown struggled the most of all of Kody Brown’s children with the move to Flagstaff from Las Vegas. His mother Janelle Brown was reluctant at first about yanking Gabriel from his school in Nevada so close to graduation. However, leaving him behind was not an option. So, Gabe was forced to move with his family to Flagstaff.

Although the big move for the Sister Wives family happened in June 2018, season 14 picks up the day after season 13 ended. So now the events will finally be shown in greater detail as the season progresses. Plus, TLC  aired a sneak peek of the first episode on December 17th. So, we once again revisit Gabriel’s struggle with the move and how his parents dealt with his teenage angst.

Season 14 of Sister Wives debuts Sunday, January 5th.

Sister Wives: Gabriel Brown Didn’t Want To Leave Las Vegas

Gabriel Brown was Kody Brown’s child most vocal against moving to Flagstaff. Of course, at the time of the move, he was 16 years old and about to start his junior year of high school. Additionally, the Sister Wives‘ teen ranked 10th of over 800 students academically, was a rising star on the wrestling team and was “friends with the entire school”. He even had a girlfriend he was seeing for almost a year. So, of course, he didn’t want to give up the life he had in Las Vegas.

Even his mom Janelle knew her son struggled with the move. The Sister Wives celeb tried to sell Gabriel on the move. Sadly her words didn’t resonate well with her son. In fact, most fans sided with Gabe after watching he chat about the move. Janelle says to Gabriel, “You’re leaving your girlfriend and all that. But we have a lot of outdoor stuff that we can do.” Clearly not what a teenage boy wants to hear.

Gabriel Asked To Live With His Big Sister Maddie Brush

Sister Wives fans recall Gabriel Brown tried his best not move away from his life in Las Vegas. Plus, a few of his older siblings were still living in Vegas. So, of course, he felt he could convince his mom to allow him to live with one of them. Aspyn Brown Thompson and her husband Mitch Thompson were still in Nevada while she finished college at UNLV. Also, big brother Logan was also still in Las Vegas finishing his master’s degree. And of course, his sister Maddie Brown Brush and her husband Cale Brush were living just a few blocks away. So living with her would allow him to stay in the same school and routine.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Uproots Gabe For his Own Good

However, the Sister Wives mom of six shot down Gabriel’s request fast. Janelle’s response was, “that’s not even on the table for discussion”. In the long of the day, Janelle and Kody Brown are the parents and Gabriel Brown is the child. Furthermore, Janelle adds this about Gabe and the move, ”

“We felt like of course, that he should be with the family, and that he would benefit from being here.” Still, Gabriel Brown felt he was uprooted. In fact, he was the only member of the family who didn’t see Flagstaff prior to the family’s move.

Season 14 of TLC’s Sister Wives starts Sunday on January 5th with a special 2-hour premiere on TLC.

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