‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Polygamy Show Moved to 10:00pm – Is TLC Series Headed for Cancellation?

Sister Wives featuring Kody Brown and his four wives returned last week for its fourteenth season on TLC. Fans were anxiously awaiting to see how the Browns’ big move to Flagstaff played out. Especially since season 13 ended with a cliffhanger last April. So, TLC aired the first episode of Sister Wives in its usual 8 pm time slot. However another more popular TLC series, 90 Day Fiance will now be taking over the 8:00 time slot.

The network preempted 90 Day Fiance last week for the Sister Wives premiere. But this week, SW will move to its new later time slot of 10 pm. Does losing the coveted time slots indicate TLC’s plan to cancel Kody Brown’s long-running series? Let’s take a look at what this move could spell for the future of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: TLC Moves Kody Brown Series To Late Time Slot

In the past, both 90 Day Fiance and Sister Wives were able to run in the lucrative Sunday night 8:00 position. This was possible because each shows seasons aired at a different time of the year. But with all the 90 Day Fiance spinoff shows, they are starting to overlap. And it appears that TLC executives want 90 Day Fiance to show instead of SW. The decision was made to not run 90 Day Fiance last week and instead run the premiere of Sister Wives at 8:00, then the rest of the episodes at 10:00pm.

90 Day Fiance fans were quick to voice their displeasure that Sister Wives preempted their beloved Sunday night show. And now, SW viewers are not happy that their show was moved to such a late hour.

Ratings have been steadily declining since season 11 of Sister Wives. So much so the show was in jeopardy of cancellation until Kody Brown made a deal to slash his family’s salaries to keep his show on the air. However, that may not be enough to keep the series running. Fans are tiring of the redundancy of the storylines and the move to a later air time may finally cause the network to part ways with the Kody Brown reality show.

90 Day Fiance Could Boost Ratings For Kody Brown’s Show

Although moving Sister Wives back two hours seems like a certain death sentence ratings-wise for the long-running series, it might have the opposite effect. Recall 90 Day Fiance and its many spinoffs are rating gold for TLC. So, with that highly rated show as the lead in, SW might pick up lots of new viewers that stay on the channel after 90 Day Fiance ends.

Sister Wives: Season 14 Highlights Tensions

Sister Wives’ new season already is off to a tense start. The tension between Kody Brown and his four wives seems off the charts. From the clips we have seen, we know Kody blows up at Robyn Brown over Meri Brown. Additionally last week, we saw the divide between the wives was quite clear when Meri’s original rental fell through. Not one of her co-wives offered up their houses for her to stay in while looking for a new home. In fact, they seemed relieved to have one less spouse around. Then in the next breath, they question Meri’s loyalty and dedication to the family. Can you blame Meri for distancing herself?

Watch future episodes of Sister Wives on Sundays now starting a 10 pm on the TLC network.

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