‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Lost Weight for New Season? Before and After Pics

Sister Wives star Kody Brown was spotted in Flagstaff gym periodically since the last season ended and it looks as if his hard work paid off. Kody seems to show a good deal of weight loss in his face when the new season premieres Sunday night.

Sister Wives: Looks Like Kody Brown Loses Weight

It seems the Sister Wives fans made a lot of fuss over Kody Brown’s wife Christine Brown and her weight loss transformation. She’s not only lost the weight but Christine seems to maintain the weight loss as well. But no one seems to give Kody Brown so much as a thumbs up when he starts looking like he lost weight.

Look at the picture below where Kody Brown’s face looks almost bloated. Then in the new season, which is the “after” photo, the Sister Wives patriarch doesn’t look puffy at all. You can see the difference in Kody Brown’s middle section as well.

At one point he had a bit of a gut protruding. In the new season videos, he seems much trimmer. He even takes his shirt off in front of the camera in one of the episodes of the new Sister Wives season.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Puffiness Seems to Disappear in Season 14 Shots

Despite the animosity that exists toward Kody Brown online, some still suggest he’s a good looking man. Most of the distaste for the shared husband of the Sister Wives clan is due to his lifestyle and perceived treatment of his four wives.

People often comment on his looks, but the majority of the time it has to do with Kody’s hair. It seems many do not find his messy mane eye-pleasing. With his hair aside though, some out there think the Sister Wives papa is pleasing to look at.

But the majority of folks take the entire Kody Brown into consideration when commenting on his looks. Like the old adage says “pretty is as pretty does” and some fans don’t find Kody Brown acting pretty to his four wives. Especially when it comes to his treatment of Meri Brown.

Kody won’t let bygones be bygones and it seems he continues to make Meri pay for her catfish incident still today. This also appears to carry over in the new season as well.

Sister Wives: Kody Weight Loss Probably No Surprise to Viewers

Many of the Sister Wives followers feel Kody Brown is very self-involved. So losing weight to improve his looks probably won’t surprise too many fans. But why Kody suddenly became health-conscious remains a mystery today. On January 17, Kody turns 51.

While he’s a father to a three-year-old, he’s still no spring chicken. So there’s a bunch of possible reasons that might have prompted Kody to get into shape at the gym. Whether you like Kody Brown or not, the husband from the Sister Wives show did do the work and he lost the weight. Or at least that’s what the new season promos seem to indicate.

While the new season starts where the last season left off, that weight loss didn’t seem noticeable until the new promos surfaced. It could be that fans saw this gradually happen and didn’t notice. But the before and after pictures seem to indicate that he’s dropped the weight.

The new season of Sister Wives is here. It rolls out Sunday night, January 5 on TLC. So fans only need to wait one more day to see where Kody Brown leads his family next.

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