‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown New Photo – Damage Control or Typical Day Unfolding?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown surfaced in a new photo that might be a subtle attempt at retaliation for the recent chatter swirling online. The shared husband of four remained fairly quiet across the social media platforms since the last season of the TLC show came to an end. With a new season reportedly in the works, it looks like he’s poking his head out again, slowly but surely.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Pops Up Spending Time With Family

But does this latest photo come with a hidden agenda? Janelle Brown recently posted this new picture depicting the family life of Kody Brown. Janelle, who is the second wife to marry the Sister Wives husband, shared the photo with her hundreds of thousands of fans online.

This latest post comes on the heels of the fans wondering why Kody Brown isn’t seen with his family members these days. The chatter recently turned into a bashing session taking aim at Kody Brown. Some fans accused Kody of promoting jealousy among his Sister Wives spouses.

Kody was once very active online with his fans from Sister Wives. But it’s been different during this latest in-between the seasons’ hiatus. Very few words and even fewer photos of Papa Brown emerged over the past several months.

Then there’s Meri Brown, who is very active online with her Sister Wives followers. She keeps them informed on her daily life, which lately includes a lot of travel with her LuLaRoe family. This seemingly new independent life of Meri Brown gathers thumbs-up from the Sister Wives fans.

But at the same time, it offers the impression that the Sister Wives original matriarch doesn’t have much to do with Kody these days. The fans seem to think that even the wives are at odds these days. While Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown remain active online, there’s very little mention of the wives together.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

So Where Is the Shared Husband of Four?

Kody remains quiet and Robyn Brown hasn’t offered so much as one word publicly in months. So the fans’ assumption builds. Then add the reports from “unnamed sources” that suggest Kody is focused mostly on Robyn. So some Sister Wives enthusiasts now believe Kody’s turned into a husband focusing on only one wife.

That would be Robyn. The chatter also leans toward the other wives pretty much fending for themselves. Kody Brown and his four wives don’t tend to respond to the negative comments online. It appears they learned early on it only gives the naysayers more fuel for rumors.

But they seemed to learn something over the decade of Sister Wives fame. That is the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words’ does have some practical use. So instead of biting back at all the negativity, it looks like they’d rather let photos do the talking.

Sister Wives: Hidden Agenda or Just a Family Picture?

Meri seemed to be the first wife this week to offer proof that she’s still with the Sister Wives family. She posted a selfie with her and Solomon Brown and another with Arie Brown. These are the two youngest children of the Brown clan.

Robyn Brown is their biological mom. Meri captioned the photos “family time”.  This seemed to indicate that Meri is spending time with Robyn, which seems to go against the theory of wives ignoring wives.

Janelle Brown seemed to follow the same theme by offering a photo of family time. But Janelle captured Kody Brown in her Sister Wives online offering. In Janelle’s photo, seen above, Kody is out having ice cream with a few of the kids. She also made sure to note that she was there too. While the ice cream was tempting, Janelle wrote that she was able to abstain.

So, the timing seems a bit coincidental for showing a family outing with Kody Brown. Is this new photo more for damage control showing the fans that Kody is as involved as ever with all his family? Or is it just simply a photo of a dad having ice cream with his kids… period?

Both Meri and Janelle hashtagged their online pictures “family time”. So were these photos purposely posted to contradict the chatter swirling in the online world?

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