‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Goes Belly up on Biggest Goal of All?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown might find that his best-laid plan has gone south and it’s picking up speed at a rapid rate today. It was over a decade ago that Kody Brown told his intended bride, Robyn Brown, that she’d become part of a reality show. Robyn thought he was just tossing her a pipe dream. But thanks to Christine Brown, that so-called pipe dream came true for the Sister Wives patriarch.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and His Reality Beginnings

Robyn was surprised once learning that Kody Brown and his family were about to become reality stars. But it apparently didn’t turn her off from marriage. Christine was a bit of a local celebrity at the time. This went on before the Sister Wives series hit the drawing board.

The third wife to join this Sister Wives plural marriage was the spokesperson for a group. This popular local group called Principle Voices is religiously based. Christine spoke on the local news and at local colleges. She gave speeches and answered questions about the lifestyle of polygamy.

In her travels, she met a man who became interested in the Sister Wives story of Christine’s family. So she told Kody about this encounter. Next he met with this producer and the Sister Wives series was born.

Leader of the Brown Tribe

Put On a Show About ‘Normal’

Kody was enthused about doing the Sister Wives show. But his then-three wives and a fourth prospective bride were not as anxious as he was. Kody eventually got his four ladies to see it his way.

His mission was to show the world just how normal his Sister Wives’ family really is. This was when another religious sector that also practiced polygamy got a bad rap over child brides. It was during a time when numerous horror stories played out in court, making headline news.

It seems Kody thought it was his duty to set things straight. So, he and his Sister Wives ladies opened their doors to the TLC Sister Wives cameras.

The five adults, along with their 18 kids set out to pass along their story. They demonstrated how on any given day, plural marriage plays out as normally as most monogamous marriages. But did it work?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Mission Impossible?

At first, the Sister Wives family really softened the opinion on polygamy for many people. The wives were so engageable and really very normal-acting for the most part.

The Sister Wives patriarch and his wives seemed to do the impossible, navigate through jealousy and come out the other side unscathed. But today the chatter among the fans seems to question all the pain these grown adults caused each other.

The last two seasons centered on Kody Brown’s relationship with his first Sister Wives spouse. His treatment of Meri was horrendous at times. Then her messages to fans seemed to suggest she was ready to pack up and leave.

All of a sudden Meri and her hubby show up in a photo together and she passes along that she “loves this man”. She also makes sure her fans know that she’s going nowhere. She is staying with the family as well.

So, did Kody’s mission fall flat at the end of their Sister Wives run? As a new season airs will the leader of this pack be able to salvage anything he demolished in the last few seasons?

Many fans today think Meri and Kody’s problems were all scripted for the sake of drama. So there are some angry viewers out there today.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

As Different As Night And Day

The treatment Meri endured from her shared husband would send many wives packing. But when a couple of the adult kids spoke up recently, they reveal that Kody and Meri are just fine in their relationship.  One of the kids even suggested it just looks bad on the screen as viewers don’t see the entire picture.

Then there’s the jealousy factor. Kody Brown and his four wives caught the attention of viewers in the first several seasons of Sister Wives. Many even voiced their opinion on how normal the family seems. But today the fans appear wiser to the antics.

Sure, all families argue and have their ups and downs. But these women do demonstrate a boatload of jealousy when it comes to their shared husband.

Unlike normal two-parent families, this man beds down four women. The Sister Wives women have no recourse, even though it’s in their face every night of the week. That is unless it is their turn to have Kody.

So, fans learned jealousy is normal in a plural marriage. But it’s more like “grin and bear it” because that’s what you signed up for.

Today it seems many fans believe Kody Brown fell a bit short of his original mission message. Viewers seem to think it’s more about fame and money than it is about showing the normalcy within polygamy marriages.

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