‘Sister Wives’: Did Kody Brown Get New Season 15 – When Is Next Episode?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown left the fans asking when the next episode of the series is due to air, along with the date set for Season 15. Two of his four wives ended the last season so abruptly that they left the viewers wondering what happened.

The famous Sister Wives “Tell All” segment that traditionally airs as the final episode just never materialized. Season 14 ended after episode 15 with no “Tell All” mentioned in the guides.

So When Does the Next Sister Wives Episode Air?

The final episode of Sister Wives Season 14 was a shocker to the viewers. Episode 15 wasn’t advertised as the season finale. Something very odd occurred during the final episode of this last season. Only two of Kody Brown’s wives joined him on the couch.

Janelle Brown and Christine Brown joined Kody Brown in the final scenes. They offered a strange array of shoutouts about unsettled storylines. Instead of playing out any of the cliffhangers, Kody and his two wives spit them out verbally. It happened like rapid-fire as the Sister Wives installment closed.

Episode 15 of the last season didn’t look like a typical season finale for the show. Without a “Tell All” from the Sister Wives scheduled to roll out, fans wanted to know when the next episode airs for the season. As of now, it looks like Season 14 played out all its episodes, according to the menu and guides for TV viewing.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown

When Will Season 15 of the TLC Reality Show Air?

Since the latest season doesn’t have any more episodes to offer, fans of Kody Brown and his wives want to know about a new season for Sister Wives. There’s no official word on whether the TLC series is canceled or renewed. But this is nothing new. It looks like a slip from one of the wives indicates the series is renewed.

History indicates TLC announces a new season of Sister Wives only weeks before it’s due to debut. It seems that this TLC series doesn’t have a set month for rolling out new seasons. But traditionally when a season ends at this time of year, fans usually get a January new season debut of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Family

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Not Rallying the Viewers – Hints

Kody Brown once went to great lengths to keep Sister Wives on the air. After Season 11, TLC was ready to wipe the show off their lineup but Kody reportedly made a negotiation that cut the five adult spouses’ salaries down to one.

So, instead of each of the Sister Wives adults receiving $180,000 each for the season, this changed. Reports indicated that Kody agreed to take just $180,000 for all five adults.

There’s nothing coming from Kody Brown today so it looks like he doesn’t need to rally the fans. That’s probably because a new season is already in the works. Also one of the biggest hints to a new season comes from Christine Brown. She let it slip that she can’t talk about a storyline because of the nondisclosure in their contracts.

Ysabel Brown struggled with scoliosis in one of the recent seasons. At the time Christine, Kody, and Ysabel opted for the brace and an exercise program in lieu of the major corrective surgery. But fans never got to see the outcome of Ysabel’s journey.

During a recent social media live feed Christine answered questions from Sister Wives fans. One of those questions asked about Ysabel. All Christine could say was that she is doing well.

Then she said that’s as far as she could go because it’s a current story response to questions about her daughter Ysabel. She said she is doing well. Then she dropped a major hint that revealed season 15 is likely in progress. Christine says she couldn’t elaborate further on Ysabel’s condition as it was a current storyline for the show and she signed a non-disclosure agreement with TLC.

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