‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s New Pic Seems to Tell a Story

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown shares a new photo today and while it might leave you wanting more, it still seems to tell a story. If Janelle didn’t share who is in this picture, you probably wouldn’t know.

It’s very generic of a girl walking a dog in the aftermath of the first measurable snow of the winter season. But this photo shows this girl from behind, so you can’t see her face.

Sister Wives: Celebrity Mom Janelle Brown Offers a Moment In Time

Janelle Brown describes a wet and heavy bout of snow in Flagstaff but not much ended up sticking on the ground. Still, it’s the first “real snow of the season,” describes this Sister Wives star as it brought her some joy.

It looks like Janelle Brown joined her daughter Savanah Brown for a walk through the snow-covered streets. It also appears as if they brought along their four-legged family member, who Savanah has on a leash.

You don’t see Janelle in the picture but you assume she snapped the photo from behind. The picture doesn’t show much, not enough to even say how much Savanah has grown. But it still tells a story and leaves a ton of room for assumptions.

Sister Wives: Savanah Brown

Savanah Brown – Is There a Story In This Pic?

This Sister Wives’ daughter turns 16 in December. While you can’t see her face, it’s easy to see from behind that Savanah sports a full mane of hair. But what else does this photo tell you besides it looks as if she inherited her father’s ringlets?

Janelle Brown’s hair is fairly straight. So, it looks like she takes after her Sister Wives papa in the hair department. But the photo seems to offer a story that concerns more than Savanah’s hair.

The Sister Wives kids aren’t usually featured on the show. So for some time to pass before seeing any of the Brown kids on the screen isn’t unheard of. But with Savanah, it seems as if it’s no longer just a coincidence that she stays out of the camera’s lens.

She’s very seldom on the screen or in photos Janelle posts online. That’s become even more evident today.

Since the pandemic put the nation at somewhat of a standstill, Janelle took the time to posts photos of her kids horsing around at home. But Savanah Brown doesn’t show up in these photos.

Janelle captured her daughter this summer with her Sister Wives’ father. She leans into her dad as they sat on the back of Kody’s truck at what looks like Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Savanah Brown

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown and Kody Brown’s Elusive Daughter

Savanah Brown rarely makes an appearance on the show as well as in photos online. Janelle Brown manages to sneak a photo of her youngest child on social media now and then but it’s rare.

One thing fans learned about the second wife from the Sister Wives clan is that she respects her kids’ wishes. Well, at least up to a reasonable point. When Gabriel Brown became visibly upset over the Flagstaff move, Janelle empathized and reasoned with him. She showed patience and concern over what her son was going through at the time.

Savanah appears either shy or maybe she just doesn’t like the limelight. But for some reason, she seems to stay away from the camera. At the same time, Janelle seems to respect her daughter’s wishes. You don’t see Savanah on the screen attempting to get out of the view of the camera. You also don’t see the teen in many photos where she’s unaware someone took the picture.

So it doesn’t look at all like her Sister Wives mother pushes her towards this fame that the family found through this reality show. This new photo of Savanah walking down a Flagstaff street seems to be handled with respect from her Sister Wives’ mom.

If she doesn’t want to smile for the camera, it looks like that’s just fine with Janelle. But this creative mom seemed to compromise and click a photo from behind.

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