‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s Kids Diss Her Parenting Skills?

Sister WivesJanelle Brown may be a better mom to her dogs than her offspring, at least according to her children. The mom of six – and shared stepmom to many more – confessed she might pamper her pups a little too much. And with a new season ahead, there’s lots more to look forward to with this TLC crew.

Janelle Brown Got a New Dog after Sister Wives Tragedy

In December, Janelle Brown’s mother, Sheryl Lee Brown, passed away. Of course, that left Kody Brown’s second wife grieving. But there was a silver lining for the Sister Wives cast member. She inherited her mother’s dog, it seems, and added another canine to her home.

Now, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has three dogs. Her youngest dog is Obi, a lab mix. Then there’s Bryn, her older Chiweenie (chihuahua-wiener mix), that likes to lie on Janelle’s feet. Plus, there’s the pup she got that was her mom’s.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Already, Janelle said her lap was crowded with the two. Now, she’s got three pooches to pamper. And according to the kids from her portion of the Sister Wives family, their mother might go overboard. If you ask her children, they might say Janelle Brown dotes on her fur babies a bit too much.

Brown Kids Say Mom Spoils Pup – Treats Her “Different” Than Kids

It sounds a little like the Sister Wives offspring might be a little envious of how much care Janelle Brown takes with her fur children. Janelle said the kids “are groaning” at how she pampers her pooches. She says they “tease” for spoiling Bryn, her oldest four-legged child.

Below: Bryn lying on Mrs. Brown’s foot and hanging on with a paw.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

The Sister Wives Brown kids also said Janelle is a “way different dog mom” than a mother to them. So, that must mean that Janelle didn’t spoil her kids rotten. But with that many children running around — 18 in all — there’s probably not time or energy to dote too much.

Now, though, with Janelle’s Sister Wives children teens and older, she probably has more resources to devote to spoiling the dogs. And with her house mostly an empty nest these days, the doggies probably give her something to focus on with the kids moving on.

Sister Wives Dog Love – Janelle Reveals Bedtime Ritual with Spoiled Animal

You can see the photo above of Bryn, tucked cozily into her bed and under a blanket, at Janelle’s home. The Sister Wives celeb said she and Bryn have a “ritual” where the dog hops on her little bed then waits for Janelle Brown to come to her.

Then, Janelle says she tucks her dog in every night. So, it sounds like she didn’t do that for all the Sister Wives kiddos, judging by their teasing. She said their bedtime habit started “on accident” when the house was cold after they’d been away a few days, so she blanketed Bryn.

Now, though, the Sister Wives fur-baby expects this treatment all the time. Janelle says that Bryn is waiting every night to be tucked into bed. No doubt, that’s great dog-mommy behavior — even if Janelle Brown gets teased about it by her two-legged-kids.

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